Lovely Irish Coffee Glasses

I am strongly of the opinion that the entire country needs a good stiff drink. Or at least a steadying toddy.


* 1 raw sugar cube
* 1 1/2 ounces Irish whiskey
* 4 ounces coffee
* Fresh, unsweetened whipped cream

Pour the whiskey over the sugar in a stemmed Irish coffee glass and top with coffee. Ladle one inch of cream on top. Use 1 teaspoon of raw sugar if you don’t have cubes

Back in May, I made a trip to Pittsburgh to attend a Catholic Media Conference where, among other things, I got to introduce Deacon Greg Kandra to his first Irish Coffee, which he seemed to like very well, even though it was the basest of Irish Coffees, very Americanized and too large!

A nightly Irish Coffee is how my husband and I cap off most of our nights while traveling, mostly because we never indulge in the tasty beverage at home. And it occurred to me today that the reason we don’t enjoy the coffees at home is mostly because our cupboards run more to jelly glasses and Boy Scout mugs than proper glassware.

But that’s about to change, thanks to Kim Priestap’s heads up over at her blog:

. . . thrilled to read on Libbey’s Facebook page about the role the company played in bringing back the iconic Irish coffee glass to San Franscisco:

Now a city legend has itself been resurrected; after an intervention so unexpected as to be deemed miraculous, San Francisco’s famed Irish coffee is back from the valley of the shadow of death.

Irish coffee had been all but down the drain for want of the special glass in which to make it, without which the drink becomes airport cocktail lounge swill.

Well, it’s never swill, but truly the glass does make a difference, as does the recipe. This recipe goes with this Georgian Irish Coffee Glass

More from the article:

It would be appropriate here to say a Hail Mary full of thanks for the uncommon grace and good sense of the Libbey Glass Co. of Toledo, Ohio. Libbey stopped making San Francisco Irish coffee glasses five years ago once its biggest customer, the Buena Vista, stopped reordering and took its glass business to China.

This is a story out of a Frank Capra movie. An unassuming, traditional Rust Belt manufacturing company swallows a nickel to make a special glass for a romantic city bewailing the loss of a sentimental drink.

Libbey’s reissued glass can be ordered here. I need an anniversary gift for next month, and these will meet the case, admirably. And maybe I’ll order two for hubby and me, as well!

Oh, come on…you know this is not the first time you have seen me wax enthusiastic over inexpensive glassware. Some things I can’t help myself on.

And I’m also a klutz, so, cheap is good.

Kim Priestap with a sharp take on Peggy Noonan and Obama

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  • shane

    Just in case you want to find out more about real Irish coffee, you should visit the home of Irish coffee at the Foynes Flying Boat museum in Foynes Co Limerick Ireland.

  • greta

    Would love to here how the irish coffee is related to Noonan piece on Obama the loser.

  • jprimm

    Oh my…when I was a young and callow college lad in San Fran I used to go to the bar that purported to have originated the Irish Coffee. It was a wonderful drink! It was a bar near Ghirardelli Sq at the foot of the Hyde Street Cable Car. Cannot remember the bar’s name–not for the reason you think! :)
    And yes, the glasses looked just like your picture and yes, I quit drinking the Irish long ago for the same reasons you did Anchoress lady. Thank you for a good memory!

  • rcareaga

    The late Herb Caen, whose daily column appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle for six decades, used to say that an Irish coffee and a doughnut made the perfect breakfast, covering as it did the major food groups of alcohol, caffeine, sugar and grease.

  • maryholleman

    I absolutely love a good Irish coffee… but I don’t even want to think about a hot drink right now when it is 106 degrees here in Texas. Please pray for rain for us.

    [Some cultures drink hot drinks in warm weather, in order to raise the body temp and not feel the heat! Or, just have a bracing shot of whiskey with some ice and fizz! -admin]

  • maryholleman

    And some cultures eat very spicy food in hot weather… it has never worked for me.
    FYI- this is way beyond warm, the weather guy describes it as extremely dangerous. It will be fatal for some.