Three Little Words – UPDATE

Deacon Greg used his phone to take this picture — an ad on the back of a NYC bus, promoting NET-NY (Where of course, In the Arena and Currents are produced, along with many other great programs).

Even if the ad promoted nothing at all, I love the idea of that message being seen on the streets of New York.

Or any streets, anywhere, especially in these times.

They are, after all, the consoling words of our visiting angels.

UPDATE: Someone writes that they liked the words, not the image
— that “Be Not Afraid” is more consoling face-to-face than from the back. “Also, it looks like JPII is facing down a semi.”

But that’s precisely why I like the image. Right now, with so much feeling precarious and full of unknowns, it sort of feels like we’re all facing down semi’s in our lives. And with the dearth of earthly leadership made plain to us, that back is something to follow. Into the mystery. And the light.

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