Catholic Portal: WTC, Hooters, Mother Teresa, Dominionism

Never let it be said that the Catholic portal at Patheos is a predictable place. Currently featured in its columns and blogs:

We’ve been anticipating the 9/11 Anniversary for a couple of weeks, by taking the Testimony of Two Towers, pondering the water and ash, remembering her secret heroes both priestly and canine, and we’re finding allusions to that terrible day in our own lives.

And we’re not done with that topic. This week look for pieces on the anniversary by Deacon Greg, Pat Gohn and others.

We’re remembering Mother Teresa on her birthday

We’re wondering why there are no Catholic Dominionists, and whether Martin Luther King might have been one

We’re bouncing off of Deacon Greg’s summer rant to find this question getting significant attention in other venues.

We’re pondering
the upcoming changes to the English Translation of the Missal, the Care and Feeding of the Adult Catholic Convert and the baptismal font known as the Stanley Cup.

And we are hopelessly devoted in a most bookish way!

There are new features in the Catholic Portal every single day. Always worth checking out!

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