NY09 Anoints, NYPost Disappoints

So, New York’s congressional district #09 is in Republican hands for the first time since 1923 — one of the surest electoral bets in the world just threw craps.

As Nathan Detroit might say, “so, nu?”

You know this is big, because as soon as it happened, Democrat national chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats.”

Suddenly losing the Jewish voters who have consistently voted Democrat over there? Pheh. Darling, it’s not important; it should not be taken as any sort statement about electoral mood, or Obama’s re-election. The district is gone with redistricting, anyway!

Well, that’s true, but the new carve up will make things a lot more difficult for Democrats, and they know it.

Some Democrats are falling out of love with the lockstep shuffle

Last night on twitter, Jonah Goldberg wondered when the #nypostheadlines entries would begin, and some did fly around, but I think most of us believed the Post would deliver a classic this morning.

So, this was a disappointment:

Really, New York Post? A stunning political repudiation that began with a social media scandal of impressive proportions and ended with the loss of a seat held for nearly 100 years, and that’s all you’ve got?

I wish I could photo shop. I’d add these headlines to your photo:









Mickey Kaus had a great one last night: JEWS CHOOSE BLUES LOSE!

I’d love to see what you guys can come up with.

And another fun game — or at least I enjoyed it — what will be different at the White House, after NY-09, and the reality that Obama cannot simply count on the Jewish vote? #Afterny09:

Next Obama Speech: “Let’s be perfectly clear, I look at these job numbers and I could just plotz! What schmendrick wrote this healthcare bill?”

WH Breakfast Menu: Blintzes and a nice seltzer

WH Press Sec’y Jay Carny: to WH Press Corps, tomorrow? “So, how’s by you?”

New White House Christmas Tradition: Ordering Chinese!

Defending Israel: “Nobody puts Bibi in the corner!”

Michelle’s New Dress Designer: Rami!

Obama’s new golf partner: Shecky Greene!

Obama refers: to Adam Sandler as “an artist of staggering genius.” (well…he sort of is)

Play along!

By the way, a congressional seat was up for grabs in Nevada, too, in the second district — where McCain barely eked out a win in 2008. It went GOP by a margin of 22%. The Democrats are saying this is not a repudiation, but certainly if they’d won those seats, they’d be claiming them as validation. I’m thinking there is a lot of pacing going on in the White House and in Harry Reid’s office. Indeed a “rough news day”. And in some ways, a new one.

One more thing: Does anyone else remember in the months after 9/11, Ari Fleisher telling folks should be “careful” in how they speak (which, when you think about it, is what the Politically Correct class has been telling us for decades, now) and the press and left going ballistic about that? Remember how Tim Robbins made a big, fancy speech (at, if I remember rightly, the baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown Nationa Press Club!) about “a chill wind blowing through America”? Remember that? Remember all the unimpeded speeches, uncensored plays and books warning that Americans were being silenced, intimidated and oppressed? That “chill wind?”

Well, you know…it’s feeling pretty damned chilly now.

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