Blerg some more

This stomach flu or bug, or food poisoning or whatever has left me a bit drained. I’m out of here for the day. Hopefully no one’s comments will go into spam or moderation, but if they do, I’ll catch them later.

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  • P Robinson

    Be well. Comment too short. Be well.

  • SKAY

    Most of us have been there and it is no fun. Hoping you will be feeling better soon.

  • JayDee

    Ugh. Hope you feel better soon. If not, please see the Dr.!

  • Diane Korzeniewski

    Hope you haven’t been eating canteloupe. If so, go to the doctor.

    There’s a serious outbreak of listeria right now from them.

  • Manny

    Feel better. You’ve done a fantastic job running this portal.

  • Kathy Schiffer

    Hope you’re better!

    You know, I had to go to the Urban Dictionary to find out what you were talking about. Blerg, huh? I guess I have to get out more.

  • Us Too

    Ugh, so sorry to hear you have “it” too! It has gone up and down the west coast!