Kitty Update

So, Kitty was taken into surgery this afternoon, where fluid was drained from her lung and the second abscess was cleared. She reports that breathing is much easier and that “I have a lovely drain coming out of my body…”

We hope and pray that this will finally put her on the road to mending, and that the antibiotics will finally get the upper hand in this battle.

We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and good wishes — God bless you all for the generosity of your spirits!

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  • chsgeecheegirl

    Sending constant prayers your way.

  • CMR

    This is very good news. Continued prayers and blessings for a quick recovery.

  • Dan C

    Prayers for her will be said.

  • Judith L

    Wonderful news. Thank you for the update. Please give Kitty our very best wishes and assure her of our continuing prayers for her full recovery.

  • Greta

    I called out her name and all of her family at our rosary this evening at Church before we started. We had over 300 Rosary hounds at work tonight including 12 dominican novices, 6 Dominican priests, and 5 Dominican nuns.

  • Mary

    Hurrah! Praying again.

    Please pray for the victims of the Northeast snowstorm. Many will be without power for weeks.

  • Jen

    Glad to hear that bit of good news, and I pray she’s on the mend for real this time. Seems like quite a mess she’s been through… perhaps a doctor or two or three ought to be sent back to med school?

  • NBW

    I am glad to hear Kitty is getting better. I will keep sending prayers. I agree with Jen; some doctors should be sent back to med school.

  • edward

    We have prayed. You know already know that even if we did not, you are not alone.

  • zmama

    So glad to read this. Will continue praying for her full recovery.

  • Marie E

    So glad to hear things were caught and turned around. I understand your frustration with the ER – since 2006, I have made a number of late night – early am trips to the ER (mostly with an elderly relative but once with a kid with sports injury) to an ER at one of LI’s most respected hospitals (affilation with top med school etc) – and each time the ER was jammed – and I believe that if one is not having chest pain (note that lots of women with heart attacks do not have chest pain but anyway), one will be there unattended, no matter level of pain, for hours. And hours. Both my elderly relative and the kid were in real pain. I will say they both lived. But all 3 of us ended up angry with the attention.

  • Pat the Protestant

    Continuing to pray for Kitty.

    Pat the Protestant

  • Annie

    Goodness she has suffered so much…and all of you no doubt, too!
    She is lucky to be loved so much by your son and her future in-laws…prayers and blessings.