One Great Video

Found via Francis Beckwith. It’s so good.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • http://none Louise

    Thank you. I cried.

  • Revert


    Wow, does that make me miss Rome.

  • Ruby

    I too love this video. I have it stored as a “favorite” and every so often I watch it to reinforce my love for my catholic faith. What a gift we have.

  • Terrance Williams

    This is just about as good as it gets. I actually watched it a couple of times because it made me feel so good.

  • Jane Hartman

    I love the entire website “Catholics Come Home.” Check it out.

  • Cynthia

    I love that video ! You may also like “God in the streets of New York ” or “Ordination 2009″ both are Grassroots productions ( I think) and on youtube.