It’s always interesting to look back…

As Don Surber does, here

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  • Katherine

    I have nothing to add re: NOW, but I wanted to let you know I LOVE the new picture of you on your site. It is very lovely and welcoming.

  • Greta

    Don’t forget John Edwards. Did he get a total pass during the campaign or what. And for those so upset with Newt over his handling of his first marriage which was not quite being told truthfully by the media, how does this compare with the lovey dovey Edwards who was cheating and showing what a great spouse he was while his wife was battling cancer.

    Love how the democrats are all yelling he needs to come clean and fess up to his past history of harrasment they know is out there. Kind of like Edwards or how about Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton or JFK covering up his many relations over the years or the total pass on Teddy even when he killed one of his women and had to go to court admiting he was out surfing for babes with his nephew accused of rape.