Kitty is Coming Home. Again!

Just received word that Kitty will be released from hospital today, sent home with a picline to remain on antibiotics for another three weeks.

She made a dramatic turnaround over the weekend, and I am completely convinced it was due to the prayers so many of you offered for her, so generously. Please accept our heartful thanks for being so selfless. This is a very glad day!

She wants to go to class this week, as she has missed so much school. Now we’ll just have to keep her from re-engaging her busy life (work, internship, school) too fully, too quickly.

Thank you, again, for your prayers. God is good.

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Hoooray for Kitty! God bless her, and you!

  • Steve Colby

    Hallelujah – for Kitty AND for Elder Son.

  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Prayers continue. I had a piccline – no fun, but worth it for healing. Prayers for all of you and glad for this good news.

  • Chris K

    Hello, Kitty! Thanks be to God! And thank you for the updates!

  • Katherine

    God is good. Prayers continue.

  • chsgeecheegirl

    WooHoo! Will keep prayers going for full recovery!

  • Cathym

    Amen!! Prayers will continue …

  • G

    Fantastic! Glad to hear it.

  • NBW

    Praise God!!! I am glad to hear Kitty is doing better. Prayers will continue for her recovery.

  • zmama

    Oh good! Hope that picline does the trick. My friend who had her ruptured aneurism went through something similar last month when she was sent home and then readmitted to have a shunt put in. She is doing so much better now. I will pray for the same for Kitty.

  • Diane

    Yay! So glad for good news. Hope she paces herself and all goes well. Will continue to pray.

  • Manny

    Glory be! More prayers for her full recovery.

  • Annie

    Wonderful news! God bless.

  • Elizabeth Schaffer

    I have been praying for your family. So glad to hear your daughter-to-be is on the mend. Pray for a friend of mine, Kim. Her husband had an unexpected heart attack and did not revive. She is now facing the world without him and of a sudden. They had no children.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  • Greta

    Wonderful news. Hope things work out with the pic line. Our evening rosary will keep her name and yours in out focus.

    Also, glad to still be able to post here.

    [Thanks, Great. You comment has been edited due to conjecture that may be unfair or inflammatory. What your status is at other blogs is not really relevant, here, and it's something that should be between you and a blog administrator. Please don't invite people to speculate on the motives of others, here. Thanks. -admin]

  • edward

    Now, prayers of gratitude and hope.

  • flodigarry

    I am so happy to hear the good news. I have been praying daily for Kitty’s speedy recovery. I threw a few extra prayers Mary’s way – so I have to say my “go-to gal” Mary deserves an extra high-five.

    Mary has come through for me SO MANY times in the past. I am forever grateful.

  • Stefanie

    What Edward said!

    And I love the Hello Kitty toys — I forwarded the link to my son and future daughter-in-law (she’s a big Hello Kitty fan)….

  • Mark.

    Good news. I was on a PICC line for ten weeks two years ago. They’re a nuisance but I got used to the routine soon. Line covers work but the fancy vacuum seal ones tend to tear, unfortunately.

  • Manny


    I had the same problem at Deacon Greg’s. I sent him an email asking if I were blocked but he said I wasn’t. He forwarded the problem to someone in Colorado I think he said. And a day later I could comment. I doubt your blocked. Send him an email and reference you having the same problem as me.

  • Judith L

    Wonderful news! Prayers will continue for Kitty’s full recovery.

  • Greta

    Manny, no, am bannished from Deacon Greg. However, I will not take that up on the Anchoress blog. In fact. was sorry I posted what I did above. My husband Carl is posting on Deacons Blog for now.

  • DeLynn

    Read the news yesterday. So thankful! Prayers for continued recovery!

  • Rudy

    I am so happy to hear Kitty is home and healing! God is so good! So amazing!