Chelsea Clinton to NBC News – UPDATED

It appears Chelsea Clinton is going to NBC:

NBC said it had hired the 31-year-old Clinton to work on projects for “NBC Nightly News” and Brian Williams’ newsmagazine, “Rock Center.” She will report stories for the feel-good “Making a Difference” series.

The only child of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is pursuing a doctorate at Oxford and working for the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

So, she’s done with the hedge-fund management stuff and the Barry Diller stuff? That’s probably for the best, given the current tenor of the times.

But it is one of those wonderfully ironic stories: Chelsea Clinton has famously said, “I do not talk to the press”.

And now, she is going to be part of the press, talking to us.

UPDATE: Clinton has been unavailable for comment since the story broke, but t New York Times has more on her new gig.

Ed Morrissey generally
has no issue with kids of politicians getting into media but says in this case, it’s “a little like Greta Garbo doing a daytime talk show”

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  • Libby

    After her lucrative stint in hedge fund management and a lavish wedding she’ll report on people making a difference while people like Jenna & Barbara Bush have been out there actually making a difference. Considering her history of avoiding the press I have to wonder if this is one step on her a road map to a career in politics.

  • fiestamom

    I know that nothing in life is fair, But….. how fair is this to all of the back benchers at NBC affiliates across the country. They *think* that if they do a good job, they’ll get to the “big show” in NYC. Kind of like Eliot Spitzer!!!! being hired by CNN for his own show.

    But Chelsea has never had to do it like the rest of us. She got hired by a hedge fund right out of college for a pretty lucrative salary, if I remember correctly.

  • Greta

    Imagine for a moment if one of the Bush girls had been involved in a hedge fund and then been given a job by Fox. Chelsea will be treated like royalty and no one will ask about her getting the high paying job in the hedge fund world or about her dad and the blue dress or how her mom liked getting the job from the guy who kept her from being the first woman president. You know, the things that a lot of folks attracted to celebrities demand the press dig into…the dirty behind the scenes stuff. I wonder if she understands that coming into this world means that the gloves should be off for any and all questions just like the media demands of others. Wouldn’t you like to see her contract and what they agreed to get her signed up?

  • JDC

    I really like Glenn Greenwald’s post on this subject.

    Also, Greta: Chelsea’s had the blue dress hanging over her for almost half of her life, is there really a need to dredge it up again? She had nothing to do with it. Now, on the notion that she’s part of a de facto aristocracy, yeah, I agree with you.

    Incidentally, Jenna Bush works for NBC, too.

    [Indeed, she does. But she is also a teacher, an author and someone who has gone to Africa many times to simply volunteer as an assistant in AIDS facilities, like her sister. Btw, agree with you about the blue dress. Chelsea is taking a job away from someone who has probably paid some dues, and that stinks, but her father's faults shouldn't be assigned to her. -admin]

  • Richard Johnson

    Indeed, Jenna Hager has done some wonderful work with regards to children’s welfare and AIDS through the UNICEF program. But I would suggest that if Chelsea’s selection was based on who she was and deprives a more deserving individual of the job, doesn’t Jenna’s selection do the same?

    [It may; I've wondered about that, too. But then, Jenna Bush also did internships with a news network -- I forget which one -- while she was in college. I recall reading that she was making copies and fetching coffee like any other intern, and taking abuse about her father from the likes of Brad Pitt when they were around. That suggests, at least, a measure of dues paying that is absent from Chelsea's CV -admin]