Happy Thanksgiving! – UPDATED

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I am off to make a Tres Leche Cake and Baked Oatmeal, among other things!

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or wondering what there is to be thankful about, Marcia Morrissey has a pretty helpful column, in that case.

Also, if you need a few tips on handling family over the course of the weekend, you can check out Fr. James Martin’s advice

Will see you again on Friday! I hope Thanksgiving opens our hearts with gladness and gratitude for the gift of life we have been given, and my prayers will be for all of us — the rich, poor, busy, marginalized, lonely, over-worked, sick, worried; it is true that we are all in the midst of a great battle, not always apparent to others. God bless us all.

UPDATE: I didn’t see Obama’s pardoning of the turkeys but Kathy Schiffer did. It sounds remarkably classless, inappropriate and kind of pathetic.

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