Kitty Home from Hospital!

Well…let’s hope third time is the charm!

Kitty is back from the hospital, and this time I think she looks better than she has the last two times; her IV meds are being extended, but she wants to return to work asap and while I worry about her overdoing it, I do think it might be helpful for her to get back into the swing of her life.

I thank you all so much for your prayers on her behalf (and on my son’s) and please know that they too are very appreciative. It’s quite humbling to know that people who have no connection to you have such a generosity of spirit that they will extend prayers for you. I believe God will be generous in his blessings to those who are generous in this way. He is never outdone in generosity!

As this very long and taxing drama is (we hope) finally winding down, my son is encountering a new challenge; his hours were cut at work, and while that means he (thankfully) still has a job — and even sick days and paid vacation — he is sadly out of health insurance, for the time being. His employer — and they’ve been working very hard to help keep people employed through a budget crunch — says they hope they can bring back to full-employment with the insurance again, perhaps in 9 months or so. I really hope so.

But…please pray that he stays healthy! :-)

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