Lady in Botswana with Guitar

Holy Smokes! (H/T)

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  • Stephen Taylor

    That is wonderful! How on earth did you find it?

  • Maria Horvath

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for this beautiful performance. I can’t figure out how she does it, especially when she flips her left hand back and forth over the frets.

    What does Buster think? Can he explain it?

  • Todd

    The overhand technique. Nice. She also has a very polished and smooth playing style–well-practiced. The rhythm is very African. That her left hand dances on the fretboard is a nice performance touch.

    The guitar is tuned open, not standard, so that playing unfretted gives you a major chord. A lot of her work is around the 5th and 7th frets, so you get the IV and V chords.

  • Sherry

    Don’t know how to play a guitar but I know when someone has beauty at their fingertips.

  • Victor

    Anchoress, I play a few chords on my twelve string guitar and between you and me, I honestly believe that she is self thought. The reason I say that is because I thought myself how to dance by picking various moves from different people and combined “IT” with a LOT of practise you might say!

    I hear ya! Kind of like your self thought spiritual daily lessons that you’ve mixed UP with your writing! Right Victor? :)



  • melissa

    Wonderful! I lived in Botswana for 2 years, and found the people there to be some of the most open, gracious, and down to earth people I have ever encountered. It is so terribly tragic that so many of the people there have been lost to AIDS, but this woman shows the vibrant, joyful spirit that is so alive in the Batswana people.

  • david
  • Victor

    Learning all the time!

    Thanks for setting U>S (usual sinners) on the straight and narrow road david.
    Go Ronnie go! :)