Vader, Did you Know?

I am glad someone parodied this song, which is not one of my faves”

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  • Steve Colby

    Going Viral in 3….2….1…

  • Zach

    This needed to happen. That song irritates me to no end. The answer is “Yes. Yes, she did know. Shut up.”

  • Victor

    Vader will replace that other guy?

    Forgive me but I’ didn’t know that! :)

    Merry Christmas

  • Pete in Mpls.

    The other Christmas song that gets me is “I Caught Mamma Kissing Santa Claus”. I’ve always surmised that Michael Jackson was scarred for life by the sight.

  • Gil Gilliam

    Just curious if you’ve ever discussed further your dislike for the song? I’ve always found it very moving, and, at the least, uncontroversial, so I’m surprised to hear you dislike it. Thanks.

  • jkm

    OMG, thank you for making my day. And my StarWarsGeek son’s Christmas!

  • RigelDog

    Chacun a son gout…as for me and my house, we can get downright misty-eyed when we hear this newish carol. I think Kathy Matea’s version is the best.

  • Brett

    The idea was cleverer than the song, except I did like the “Obi-Wan/would be his next-door neighbor” line.

    The song can be a little treacly when sung by a man; it needs to be sung by a woman. Mattea’s version is good and so is Amy Grant’s.

  • kaycee

    The first time I ever heard this song was when our choir sang it at the collection one Sunday during Advent. I sit where the choir can see me and the shocked look on face and my jaw on the floor might be part of the reason it was never repeated.

  • Gil Gilliam

    Did some Googling. I withdraw the question.

  • flatrocker

    “Yes, yes she did know” puts Mary’s omniscience on the table at the expense of her humanity. Maybe a little rhetorical caution is in order lest we elevate her to heights reserved for her Son alone. The song may be smalzty and overly sentimental, but it raises a powerful and intruguing series of questions. The questions do not diminish her fiat, it simply brings attention to her tenderness, vulnerability and beauty.

  • Richard

    Neat. Thankfully, I don’t think I ever heard the original song this song was based on,–that is the impression I get from the other comments. This song is clever enough, imo.

  • Blake Helgoth

    She did know. Otherwise her fiat is pretty meaninglessness. She would have understood the Sacred Scriptures better than anyone. We are not exalting her to the place of her Son, but we do know she is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was, from the moment of her conception, more active in her than any other creature and continues to be to this very day. Because of her union with the Holy Spirit she would have understood exactly what the role of the Savior would be. She knew, so to speak, what she was getting into and what her role in salvation history would be. That does not mean she knew all of the details. Be careful that you don’t exalt Mary too little.

  • Bill Daugherty

    This Child that you delivered will soon deliver you.?
    No serious Catholic can even listen to this, let alone sing it. It’s neither a powerful nor intriguing question. It assumes a heresy as established fact and then speculates whether the Blessed Mother knew about it. Awful.

  • deaconnecessary

    I love parodies, especially when theyutilize my beloved sci-fi geekdom. As for the orginal song it spoofs, I’ve always liked the tune for what it is, a Christmas pop song. I have never nor will I spend time meticulously examining it for theological error.

  • Andrea

    Of course Mary knew! This song is a lovely meditation, a discussion between us about all of the wonderful things about the Incarnation. And wasn’t Mary delivered into heaven by the Assumption? That doesn’t negate the Immaculate Conception.

  • Gerry

    No, she didn’t know. Read the Bible.

  • Toni Merenda Carbone

    Mary did not know all that would happen, check your gospels. She and Joseph had to be reminded when Jesus was 12. The song is not bad, but then not all music has universal appeal. It is certainly better than that red nose reindeer.