The self-pleasuring bus driver… UPDATES

You know, no matter how convinced I am that the world has gone completely nuts, there is always a story that makes me realize that I’d only skimmed the surface of the thought. I recall a friend of mine telling me of a fellow sitting across the aisle of an airplane and contentedly snipping his toenails during the flight.

So…there’s this bus driver, and it’s rush-hour in the tri-state area. And all I can think is…what brought this on? Was it the tunnel? A memory of Hitchcockian imagery? (Don’t be that way, I mean Alfred. Can’t help the guy’s name.)

The news report that follows doesn’t actually need to be seen, to be believed — and in fact it is appropriately pixilated — but we may take it as evidence that our broken-ness is increasingly being demonstrated by a callous disregard for the presence or sensibilities of those with whom we have to share the planet.

This story just makes me really sad.

And it makes me realize that I do not pray enough. Prayer and fasting are two disciplines I need to embrace more fully. For my own sake, because I am a sinful person in need of mercy, and for the sake of the life of the world, because we’re all in this together.

Just read this awful story. Sorry to drag you down, today. Lots of prayers for that little boy.

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