“Hey, KILL your autistic kid, because he’s ANNOYING ME!!!!!! And my NORMAL kids!!!!!”

Well, we’ve reached a new nadir;

Click to enlarge. That’s a letter left for the family of boy with autism. By someone who is raising “normal” children.

The “pissed off mother!!!!!” who wrote this awful, sick, miserable diatribe has broken one of Elmore Leonards rules or writing:

5. Keep your exclamation points under control. You are allowed no more than two or three per 100,000 words of prose.

More importantly, in demonstrating her terrifyingly utilitarian outlook that imperfect, mentally handicapped human beings have no intrinsic worth beyond the organs which may be harvested from them, she has broken some serious rules about decency, compassion and humanity.

They should take whatever non retarded body parts he possesses and donate it to science. What the hell else good is he to anyone!!!!”

Yes, this child should be recycled, because,

“That noise he makes when he is outside is DREADFUL!!!!!!!!!! It scares the hell out of my normal children!!!!!!!”

And she appears to have crowned herself the spokeswoman for all things “normal” and (perhaps) made something of an idol of the whole idea of “normalness” and what it entitles one to:

Crying babies, music and even barking dogs are normal sounds in a residential neighbourhood!!!!! He is NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is a nuisance to everyone and will always be that way!!!!!! Who the hell is going to care for him????????? No employer will hire him, no normal girl is going to marry/love him and you are not going to live forever!!

You had a retarded kid, deal with it…properly!!!!! What right do you have to do this to hard working people!!!!!!!!!

Presumably, the child’s parents and family are not composed of normal, hard-working people, who could use a little understanding?

It’s too bad this woman hasn’t the grace to be thankful for her “normal” children and either keep her sense of entitlement to herself or approach this family with her frustrations (if she must) in a more humane manner. But since she thinks a severely autistic kid should be used for spare parts — and clearly worries that at some point something might be asked of her humanity, or societies, that might require her to take her attention away from her “normal” children and her own all-important life — a humane encounter might be asking way too much.

I wonder, if the “retarded kid” was hers, what she’d think? Would she believed he should be recycled? Would she think she should move her family our of the sight/hearing of the “normals”? I doubt it. I get the sense that this woman, were she raising less-than-”normal” kids, would be shoving her pain in everyone’s face and looking for all the support and understanding she could possibly get. Because she’s clearly a woman who is in touch with her own needs, and accustomed to serving them:

I HATE people like you who believe, just because you have a special needs kid, you are entitled to special treatment!!! GOD!!!!

Go live in a trailer in the woods or something with your wild animal kid!!! Nobody wants you living here and they don’t have the guts to tell you!!!!!

Do the right thing and move or euthanize him!!! Either way, we are ALL better off!!!

Apparently other people in the neighborhood are rallying behind this afflicted family, who are now worried for their son’s safety, and the local authorities are investigating.

It’s an ugly, troubling story; an ugly attack by someone who at least seems to understand that her inhumane sentiments are (for now) so unacceptable that she cannot speak them or sign her name to them, just yet. But the more selfish and utilitarian and idolatrous and self-interested we become as a society, the more acceptable these ideas will be, to more people. The beneficial effects of killing inconvenient humans is not confined to the over-indulged musings of comfortable academics; I’m sure there are some reading this, today, nodding their heads in agreement, calling the idea of euthanizing such a child a “pragmatic” one is humane precisely because it allows a “lesser” life to enhance the lives of “normals” in need — and it improves the “quality of life” of his put-upon family, and society in general, because, hey…no one wants to see or hear that! Take that not-normal stuff outta here!

One of my brothers was “normal” until he had a stroke that left him in terrible shape — he became a creature who made people uncomfortable; they didn’t want to look at him, or be around him, and if we took him somewhere for a day’s recreation (or even a meal in public) there were those looks and whispers, and — once — a request that we “be kind” to others who were trying to enjoy themselves, by not allowing my very quiet brother to uglify their space.

Because people who are “normal” and place a large value on fitting in (and on being socially accepted), have a difficult time being around what is not “normal.” They’re afraid of it.

And, I suspect, they greatly fear a situation — like a brain injury, or the loss of a limb or two — happening to them, or to their loved ones, and rendering them as unacceptable to others as they themselves find the “non-normal” to be.

Lady, your kids may be “normal” today — whatever that means. In your case it might mean they are normally narcissistic and entitled little darlings. Be grateful for today. Tomorrow, they might never be “normal” again. And then, God help you, you might need this family you so despise, to show you how to live when life becomes “not-normal” for the rest of your days.

Let’s pray for this family. Life is very hard, for all of us. No one escapes life without their share of suffering.

And of course, let’s pray for the family of the autistic boy, too.

If you doubt it when I say these sentiments will become more prevalent, check out some of these comments

Dilshad Ali
spells it out:

Maybe that letter was a hoax. Maybe in the next few days some news will come out revealing that it was a big sick joke of a letter. But here’s what is sad. There are people out there like the anonymous author of that letter. I’ve encountered them. Every autism family I know has encountered some version of that letter-writer.

And that, my friends, is unacceptable.

Because our kids with autism and other special needs have worth. Teens and adults with autism and other special needs have worth. My son has potential, worth and the same rights to a life worth living like everyone else. He has the right to play in his backyard, be out in the community and live his life to the fullest.

And if anyone tries to take that away from him – well then may God have mercy on you. Because my gloves are coming off.

Via New Advent,
has something to wash that bad taste out of your mouth
Joanne McPortland has more antidote

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  • Naomi Kietzke Young

    The only heartening thing about this story is the large numbers and wildly different outlooks among those who condemn her.

    One thing I will say for her: This kind of blatant, upright hatred is more honest than the sugary hatred I met up with as a disabled kid. I had many experiences of being asked to leave public places because people “were uncomfortable” or (at dances and physical activities) “we are afraid you might hurt yourself.”

    The “wouldn’t you be happier with your own kind?” snottiness disguised as concern is just as toxic.

  • DaTechGuy on DaRadio

    If you want to know why the culture wars need to be fought, this is it

  • Margaret Rose Realy

    May the Lord have mercy on that toxic woman…her leveling won’t be pretty.

  • GuestAgain

    Read the chilling comments over at CNN if you really want to be discouraged. This hateful creature has her supporters-who bluntly state that he should have been aborted due to his lack of contribution to society.

  • USKensington

    That is an evil letter, and I will pray for the soul of its writer.

    But Facebook is full of people who will gladly sign their real names to sentiments like that. We’re already there as a culture.

  • 4thegloryofgod

    One of the most vile, hateful pieces of writing I have ever read. God have mercy on her because I would be sorely challenged to show any mercy to such a mean-spirited person, male or female.

  • Adam Frey

    In fairness, there’s a lot of positive comments over on CNN. And some comments where Americans and Canadians are taking potshots at each other. And even some comments where people are expressing that they wish they could euthanize the people who want to euthanize the kid. (No, I wrote that correctly.) I guess ugliness tends to bring out more ugliness.
    I’d suggest prayer, love, and patience. Anger is completely justified, so long as it doesn’t consume the three things preceding this sentence.

  • Libby_CO

    What’s disturbing is that with Obamacare, the chances are that much greater that strangers like this woman will have control over what choices are available to our loved ones. As we’ve seen in the UK and the Netherlands, a doctor or other non-relative may be given the opportunity to decide if a child has enough value to live (or as the monstrous letter-writer suggested, an organ donor – bet she thought herself right caring for considering the health of children in need of organs).

  • Laura Kate Astrakhan

    Why are you giving a bully this platform? Clearly, for her, negative attention is better than none. Deprive bully’s of their goal – don’t give them a platform.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    I’ve lived with this attitude from neurotypicals all my life. And people wonder why I’m paranoid about it.

  • Peg

    If autism can ever be diagnosed in prenatal tests, well, we know how it will turn out. I predict a 95% decline in their births.

    The person who wrote the note is unhinged. Really, I think she is mentally ill. However, more people do seem willing to condemn others to death (the Useless Eaters) and sign their names to it. Our society is cruel and shameless.

  • Adrien Chandler


  • Cincinnatus

    I am the father of a non-verbal, mischievous and autistic 10 year old. We have been blessed with good neighbors who have shown patience and kindness when my son has hopped a fence into their yard, or in the case of one particularly good-natured neighbor, their pool and ultimately their home (where he was welcomed as a member of the family). We are very aware that our son’s behavior and noise while normal to us may be off-putting to others and are very thankful for these good neighbors. We have heard our share of comments from strangers which i have chosen to ignore. This anonymous bill of particulars reveals a pain born of something larger than the noise of a child in the neighborhood. We should all pray that God’s grace will reach her heart and allow her to see the beauty of life in all its forms.

  • Nate Lintz

    If the family wants to really piss this lady off, I’d gladly offer my services. Lets see how she likes the long haired biker/trucker covered in piercings and tats bringing over every hobby his A.D.D. has drawn him to for 5 minutes over the last 30 years and engage in them in their yard. From badly trying to play an assortment of musical instruments, to using air compressors and power tools employed in any number of crafts and projects to photography and filmmaking. Poorly performed martial arts practice routines and wiring up a ham radio shack could round things out.

  • Jeanette

    Words fail me. I couldn’t even get past the first half of the third paragraph of that piece of toilet paper.

    The mother of the autistic child is a special woman because God never gives children with needs like his to us “normal” people. I am grateful to God my children were not mentally handicapped, but I also know He knew I couldn’t deal with it.

    Instead of getting angry with PO’d Mom, let’s pray that God will show her the light.

  • Christian Schmemann

    There needs now to be a second war against Adolf Hitler and his satanic ideas. This second war against Nazism for the most part will not be a war fought with tanks and aircraft and amphibious assaults of Normandy.

    This must primarily be an intellectual war, fought with books and blogs, marches and open-air Masses, Eucharistic Adorations and Rosaries. Priests must start challenging Nazis from their pulpits. This is a war that should be fought with public argumentation and publicly challenging people who hold these Nazi views- forcing them to defend with reason why they hold the opinions that they do. Of course, such utilitarian views cannot be defended by reason, because such views are in diametrical rebellion against the Natural Order that God created. The Nazis will lose the intellectual war, as their brutal materialism is irrational and full of secularized superstitions. The feeble superstition of Nazism cannot stand up to the crushing sound Reason of the Church.

  • Cynthia Cunningham Chambers

    When I first read this awful letter, my first thought is well what she is suggesting is a natural outcome of the ‘pro choice’ right to abortion worldview. Some one is not what we desire or is inconvenient so we should get rid of them. I feel terrible for the mother of the autistic child. Her cross is heavy enough, she didn’t need that. But I also feel badly for the ‘normal’ kids of this toxic author. What sort of love and affection could she possibly offer if she is not only guilty of thinking these things but willing to commit them to paper and deliver them ?

  • Rebecca Duncan

    If they find a pre natal test for autism they’ll go the way all the down syndrome babies go.

  • Julie Senft

    ALL children are gifts from God..the CREATOR…who, you know, does NOT make mistakes as we are all created in HIS likeness: perfection.

  • Majessitc

    Wow. I’m amazed that people can be so unkind. They must not have enough love in their life, and so they can’t understand compassion. How sad.

  • valleys of neptune

    Excellent comment, this. Carry on.

  • Bagoh20

    I say it’s a hoax to gain sympathy and attention. The letter is too over the top to be a real neighbor. Nobody who wrote that could expect a different reaction than what they got, so I suspect hoax. This, if true, I find to be even more despicable because it casts dispersions, and false testimony about your neighbors for personal gain. It leaves all your neighbors suspected of being the most heinous of characters.

    No doubt, some people hold some of those views, but I just don’t think it very likely that one would send that letter. Just my opinion, of course.

  • Andrea Alley

    I thank God that my children are healthy but more than that, I thank Him for allowing my children to be more gracious, more understanding, and more acceptable to ANY one,especially some one with special needs, than this brainless lump of life sucking matter could ever be. This sick, twisted, and apparently mental person will face his/her own God and then he/she will have to answer for the horrible things he/she has said and done. I hope that God sees fit to have mercy on his/her nasty, evil soul.
    I would like to say to the mother of the Autistic child, God bless you. I can only imagine how challenging this can be for you. You are a wonderful mother and your child is special. May God continue to watch over the both of you and bless you all the days of your lives!

  • slainte

    A beautiful and charitable response. God chose well when He gifted your son with such a fine parent.

  • slainte

    Hurting people hurt others. Please pray for her.

  • AK

    The letter was sent to the write of a blog on facebook called – Day Dreams from an Autistic Mind. The writer is a genuine Mum who loves her son and gives everything she has to protect, nurture and support her lad. The writer needs support and a loving community around her. Please pray for her and her whole family & neighbourhood.


  • Li Min

    I can imagine the mother of the autistic child is heartbroken to learn that neighbors are hateful towards her and her child. I have been wrongly accused and hated myself over things that made no sense at all, and those biting words never leave you. It is a grave injustice and I hope they find the author given the call to “kill” a disabled child. The whole thing is truly disgusting.

  • conservativemama

    It takes a village…….unless we decide we don’t like your child. This awful woman belongs in her own version of the short story “The Lottery.”

  • Brian

    Let’s not blame social liberals.


    Now, it certainly is also unfair to blame social conservatives. The point that I’m making is simply that liberals should not be lumped in with whoever wrote this nasty letter.

  • Brian Jeremiah

    I’m calling BS on this letter. It was obviously written by someone trying to garner attention for special needs kids. No one writes a letter anymore first of all, when they do they are usually the type of person who enjoys writing and thusly enjoys reading and would normally have a decent acumen for wording and sentence structure. This letter writer does not. it is written way too harshly, no one who owns a home in a nice quiet suburban area would be that stupid. it is all too much and it doesn’t add up.

  • Randy Hain


    Thank you for writing this post. As the parent of an autistic son I fear for his future in a world that increasingly looks upon “defective people” as disposable. I will try my best to pray for this sick and troubled woman who wrote the letter and all proponents of abortion and euthanasia. It will not be easy.

    In Christ,

    Randy Hain

  • Myssi

    As the mom of an autistic teen and as a person who has lived with “permanent neurological deficits (brain damage to the non-medicos) since the age of 7, I was very angry when I heard about this letter. I have prayed for the boy & his family and for the sick person who wrote it many times since because I don’t know what else to do. It is just wrong to judge someone else’s life when you know nothing about is joys and pains. I pray that this mother never has to deal with an “abnormal” kid or one who is comatose for days after a bike accident, but she will have her time in the crucible, we all do.

  • Algiers50

    Read the book “Ido in Autismland”, written by an autistic child who
    learned to use a keyboard and then communicate.
    Amazingly, inside he is a normal child, curious, needing love; and amazingly
    articulate. But he cannot control his external body–he cannot smile, look
    you in the eye, tell you that you are boring him to death with repetitious
    lessons, etc. You will never look at someone with autism the same way again.

  • Rob

    I’m with you Brian, I’m not buying it either. There have been way too many instances where these types of things are shown to be done by someone trying to draw attention or sympathy to their cause. Agree that it simply doesn’t add up. Too over the top, too seemingly engineered to get this type of attention.

  • Johnny Vo

    There are always cranks and instigators. Do you believe this is a commonly held sentiment? Are you just trying to stir up hatred and discord?

  • Brandy Miller

    So, your argument is that someone who writes letters and lives in a home in a suburban area would be too smart and too literate to leave a letter this ignorant and stupid? You betray your own prejudices in making such a comment.

  • Cheryl B

    For all we know the mother of the retarded child might have typed this out for attention and publicity. We also don’t know what behaviors this person, if the letter is genuine, is complaining about. The mother might be mistreating her retarded child by putting them outside at all hours of the night and early morning causing them to wail and cry. If you ever worked in a hospital for the mentally handicapped you would know how dreadful those sounds could be. Hearing that over and over at early morning or late night hours might push normal people over the edge. There are always two sides to every story.

  • Mike

    My gut feeling is that it was written by a teenager, probably male, who is posing as a mother in the neighborhood. Something about the tone of the letter and how it emphasizes how her “normal” kids are distracted by the child makes me think it was written by a kid.

  • Rob B.

    Absolutely sickening. There seems to be some skepticism out there about this. Normally, I would be as well, but in a world where we have people like Kermit Gosnell and Ariel Castro, is such a letter really so strange?

  • Rob B.

    So telling a mother to murder her own child is an acceptable reaction to it? Please…

    As for being skeptical about the letter, please see my earlier post.

  • Angel of Life

    If this letter is true, this woman is a sick mother of a woman. I can see Divine Retribution coming around the corner for this hater.

  • James Hebert

    I spent years in the military defending the constitutional rights of all people in this country and I really am disturbed by such a hateful display toward another citizen because her child is handicapped. Lady pray and be thankful you do not have this to deal with in your family. And to the woman who received this letter you are in my prayers and so is your son. Suffer the little children to come unto me said our Lord, and your son will always be this child who brings Christ. God bless you.

  • Victor

    (((The only heartening thing about this story is the large numbers and wildly different outlooks among those who condemn her.)))

    So true and down to earth comment Naomi Kietzke Young and I would like to think that we both daily thank GOD (Good Old Dad) that most people are good and that the majority of us (usual sinners) don’t act on our various silly thoughts Long story short, I like to believe that I was never diagnosed as a disable kid but in my old age, the sinner vic that I’ve created would love to prove me wrong. :)

    Anyway, while growing up, even though I kind of believed that I was
    helping these disable children, truth be known, I also thought that I was much better than these mentally challenge children until God’s Angels allowed me to see the light.

    I could go on and on telling you of a couple of incidence that proved “IT” but instead I’ll simply say that trust me folks, GOD loves all children and leave “IT” at that for now.