As Sunset draws nighe for Yom Kippur

To my Jewish friends who are preparing for Yom Kippur, this day of solemn atonement, I say g’mar chatimah tova.

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  • Manny

    I’ll be going to a break-the-fast dinner tomorrow night. My Jewish relatives are the best!

  • Manya Shochet

    Thank you! We had 95 degree heat here in Israel, so I spent most of the fast in bed in my air-conditioned room, doing appropriate reading in addition to prayer.
    Redeemed my self-centered existence by spelling my daughter and son-in-law feeding, changing, and entertaining my adorable toddler grandsons.
    My kids informed me that services and prayers at our synagogue were beautifully done, sermons meaningful, and the congregation respectful and intent. Too bad I missed it, but at least I didn’t faint. –Hantchu