My Tootsies are Cold!

This autumn we are being energy-frugal-and-budget-wise and keeping the heat either off or very low. Even though I am trying to do a half-hour to 45 minutes on the bike each day (which one would think would up the warmth factor)I’m finding that our virtue is challenging my tootsies, and I hate wearing shoes in the house.

Everything is fine as long as I stay at my desk, where this combo footrest/heater more than does the trick, but yowie, the kitchen floor and and the rest of the house chill me to the bone and I cannot find my slippers, anywhere. I suspect they got given away by accident.

I can’t wait for Christmas for new slippers! Tootsies cold now!

These seem impractical but they’re so damned cute! They’re not Prime-eligible but I think my Mother-in-Law needs them for Christmas, even if she doesn’t know it.

These, on the other hand, seem practical to am ugly fault; I am a middle-aged woman who could stand some arch-support. But they’re so damned expensive.

Any recommendations?

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