These Pre-election Day Robo-Calls…

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Between 9AM and noon today, there had already been five automaticly-dialed, recorded phone calls from earnest candidates begging for my vote. I’m sure they’re not finished with me, and that the calls will continue through tomorrow evening.

These robo-calls have to be the biggest waste of campaign funds, ever. To my way of thinking, a politician who spends money on robo-calls indirectly communicate to voters that he or she is a politician who spends money unwisely, and therefore ought not to be trusted with the public purse.

Wondering if I was the only person who, upon discerning a robo-call for any candidate, on any issue, either doesn’t pick up at all, or — if the thing is going to voice mail and further cluttering up my life — picks up and then presses the off button, I asked some family, friends and neighbors whether they actually listen to political robo-calls.

It seems not. Everyone does what I do. No one listens, and there appears to be a universal resentment of the ham-handed intrusiveness that summons you to attention and then blares propaganda at you, while you’re trying to deal with realities in your life.

Perhaps pols can find ways to spend their campaign funds that do not involve bothering us while we’re trying to put a baby to sleep or get supper on the table; no one is listening and everyone is getting annoyed at the aggression.

But perhaps we’re just a cranky family and neighborhood, and your experience is different. How about it? Do you listen to the poli-robo-calls? Do you think they’re worthwhile?

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