Watching SOTU? Couple things to Keep in Mind

I haven’t yet decided if I can bear to watch these pointless theatricals — remember the old days, before twitter, when we used to live-blog it — but whether I do or not, these are a few things to keep in mind as the rhetoric goes on, and on, and on:

1) From early days it seemed pretty clear that Obama was more interested in being rather than doing. That might be great for a spiritual aesthetic, but it’s a bad fit for a president.

I suspect that what Obama wanted was to be the King, not the President. The King’s role is largely ceremonial. In time of national tragedy the King goes before the camera and says, “this is very sad.” If he can assign blame on a perceived enemy he does so, and then he steps aside and retires to his amusements while those actually in charge clean up the mess and determine how to prevent future messes. Everyone loves the King, defers to the King, rushes to do for the King, but the King -who tends to get bored and distracted by the dry business of actually governing- is responsible for very little, and most are just as glad of it.

Well, Ride on, King Obama. Yes, it is an Imperial presidency. Give him a bit of toast with some margarine on it, and so forth.

2) Despite all the talk about being a uniter, via Instapundit, we see the elements of class warfare have been in place since the goofed up Oath in 2008. Good to remember.

3) From the start, Obama’s instincts have been to rule, rather than to lead. I’m pretty sure he actually hasn’t got a clue about what leadership means or involves. Leadership is hard work, and thanks to the doting press Obama’s fast ascension in politics seems to have stunted him in that area; he persists in a seeming belief that if he says something, the world will just fall in line.

For this year, recall past wisdom:
“Executive privilege is subject to abuse”. Oh, pshaw. Not when the executive is of the right political persuasion!

So, the president is going to talk about “a year of action” which should probably scare you more than his past five years of relative inaction, or even the stuff that sounded so good, last year, like putting people to work, rebuilding cities. Oh, pshaw.

Anyway, I’m sure we ain’t seen nothing yet.

I may peek in, after all. It’s good for my diet.

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  • ladybird

    I watched! I am so bored with him, but that is a dangerous. Can’t tune out. Gotta stay in for the haul. I am nervous about his going to see the Pope. I have a gut feeling that it will come across as the two seeing eye to eye on Social Justice, War, and everything. Abortion and “ruling” rather than “leading” will not be discussed.

  • Keith

    The only “good” thing about BHO is his ham-handed incompetence. This has saved us time and again from his idiotic plans. Let’s hope we can last him out.

  • David

    I watched the Mike Holmes home renovation show on the DIY channel instead. It was much more uplifting to see someone who knows what he’s doing and not someone who pretends to know. I had a nice chuckle of your Imperial Margarine reference. Too bad they (food police) deem margarine unhealthy.

  • Manny

    I could not bring myself to watch it. But I did by chance flip the TV on at just the right time and caught the Republican response by Cathy McMorris Rodgers and thought she was great. Hey, there’s a rising star in the Republican Party. I have never seen her before. I like her.

  • Hal Duston

    The Anchoress said:

    Obama was more interested in being rather than doing.

    That’s close to my view, but doesn’t go quite far enough. I have long said that Obama is more interested in having been president, rather than being president. This is a distinction that should not be minimized.

  • David

    A very interesting point and perspective. If he is more interested in “having been president”, that would change everything and explain much. It would certainly explain his inattentiveness and unwillingness to do the kind of work a president needs to do.

  • Frank

    I read this and I think, Elizabeth, would you care to offer your readers some insight, some analysis, some argument, heck, maybe even some facts? But no. All we get are a few anti-Obama bumper stickers and a slew of links. Boring.

    When W. was president, liberal and lefty blogs and other media were filled with snide, vapid pseudo-commentary like this. And now this sort of thing fills conservative commentary. It’s all just. So. Boring.

  • Sinter Borg

    I’ve had Obamacare for a month now. Love it! It’s funny. I ‘ve worked in healthcare for 25 years but never had healthcare coverage.

  • Manny

    If anyone wants to read why the SOTU address should be done away with, this, by Kevin Williamson at NRO, is the best piece of outrage writing that I may have ever come across. It’s actually a joy to read.