What hastens our dying and our rising

Though I am almost fanatical about keeping my books in good order, I found this scrawled on the blank back page of a book, from a retreat in 2009. Seemed meant to be found now, in these days of repentance, mourning and resurrection:

Hubbell photograph, royalty free
Hubbell photograph, royalty free

When we meet God face-to-face, it is always a moment of grace,
but too it is a moment of judgment for us.
Judgment day, then, can be any day, any time, any particular
moment of an hour.
And so our death can happen many times;
a process of conversion, a process of turning to.

We die to ourselves, die to a particular sin or attachment,
and begin again, turning toward.
We no sooner die to one thing that we immediately
attach and live to another,
and judgment will come to that, too.
Sacrament of confession
hastens our dying and our rising,
the dying to the old self,
the rising to the new,
always, always, toward Christ.
Toward oneness, completion.
The Whole.
Life is a process of Incarnation.
Our reality, our wholeness, our completeness
in this world comes
through repeated offerings which we receive or refuse.
The Eucharistic Christ contributes to this formation, this process.
He enters us, we welcome Him.
One flesh.
My whole woeful life just begun, again.
– Monastic retreat, 2009

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