Belying Emily Letts’ “good abortion” Words: Her Face UPDATE

Kathy Schiffer calls a video of Emily Letts getting an abortion “weird”, and if all you take into account is this young woman’s words, they are weird; they make almost no sense.

“I know that sounds weird, but to me, this was as birth-like as it could be. It will always be a special memory for me. I still have my sonogram, and if my apartment were to catch fire, it would be the first thing I’d grab.”

If you let yourself become distracted by what is coming from her mouth, you miss all that is revealed in her face, which tells the whole, and very different story. A month after the abortion — with the dramatic change in hairstyle that so many women effect when emotions are high and they need to feel in control of something — watch Emily, then. The light is gone from her eyes. The seeming disconnect between pc-fed head and instinctive heart is laid out in breathtaking and stark incongruity, even down to the shadows, the blue note, the lack of energy. Devastating. Cognizant of it or not, she is a mother in grief.

Kathy notes that this video was the first place winner “in the Abortion Care Network’s macabre ‘Stigma Busting Video Competition’”. Frankly, if I were a young woman watching this and pondering abortion, one glance at those haunted eyes, that beautiful, woebegone countenance and benumbed, vacant tone, and I would be running to my nearest Birthright, or to the Good Counsel network, or to the Sisters of Life, whose founder, the mighty John Cardinal O’ Connor of the Archdiocese of New York, once pledged to help any needy pregnant woman seeking assistance instead of abortion, and whose successor, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, has maintained that position.

My heart breaks for this young woman and her baby who are so clearly victims of a pervasive rhetoric full of untruths and the banality of real evil. She needs our prayers and our whole-hearted spiritual assistance. Evidenced before us is a mind seduced and under the power of nefarious propaganda that has told her to serve her own desires unto death — one that has encouraged her to soul-shredding idolatry while its promulgators serve only death and political campaign coffers. It is a mind owned by insipid platitudes, now at war with a heart that says, “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, my baby, my heart, myself.”

What this young woman now knows — what resonates so clearly in her assertion that if her house were afire, she would grab the sonogram of her extinguished baby, and run — is that when she consented to kill her baby, she killed a very real piece of herself.

Even after a woman delivers a baby, or miscarries, or aborts, there remains within her, for the rest of her life, microscopic bits of her child — of each child she has ever conceived. Look up microchimerism and you will understand there is no such thing as “getting rid” of one’s baby, only of stopping it’s life and disposing of it, while carrying it within one’s very blood and sinew, forever.

A body is made of living tissue and living tissue has memory. Pretty it up on video however you like, the insertion of a vacuum into a woman’s body and the perpetration a violent, limb-shredding execution within the deep recesses of her womb cannot help but reverberate like dark energy, throughout the woman’s body, mind and soul. You want to grab a sonogram of the baby you killed because the living part of that baby, still residing within you, is calling out for more of you, all of you.

What a horrific, nightmarish way to have to live, and she is so young; actuarial tables suggest she will live for a very long time. No wonder she looks so very haunted.

Seriously, let us pray for Emily Letts. Whatever her motives, how can we feel anything but compassion for her, seeing what we have seen?

YouTube Preview Image

John Joseph Cardinal O’ Connor, Pray for Emily and for us.
Servant of God Dorothy Day, Pray for us Emily and for us.
Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Pray for Emily and for us.
Saint Gianna Molla, Pray for Emily and for us.
Pope Saint John Paul, Pray for Emily and for us.

Quick question:
how far along before ultrasounds can see babies? Letts said she was only weeks along. I thought you had to be 5 weeks at least?

Instalanche via guesthost Ed Driscoll, thanks, Ed!

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  • ve6

    What a hellish nightmare this young lady was seduced into by our society.

  • Mandy Pagano

    Immaculate Mary, Mother of us all, pray for Emily and for us.

  • Gail Finke

    You’re right. She looks haunted and sad and like she’s been through something awful.

  • Infinite Grace

    She has no idea, but she will, eventually.

  • TapestryGarden

    This video and related comments are all over the web from the Lefty blogs to pro-life columns. Reading the comment sections is interesting. There are the usual suspects with their nonsensical “a woman’s choice to do whatever she wants with her body…” Generally the same folks who elevate science, facts and empirical evidence are totally ignorant of basic biology. Further the blithe comments that she will have no emotional or physical pain breezily stated as if a wart had been removed demonstrate additional ignorance at the vast evidence of psychological and physical consequences of abortion. As Elizabeth Scalia states in her compassionate yet direct commentary, you may be able to dismember your baby but you are never “rid” of him or her.

    Unfortunately society, politics, and the Dictatorship of Relativism prevails, particularly with the young raised in a secular vacuum, devoid of any real truth. I was raised in such a fashion and had I become pregnant at age 25 in my atheist, feminist stage I would have aborted without a thought of potential consequences. I’ve grown up since then and I hope and pray this woman realizes what she has done and seeks help in dealing with the current and future consequences of this evil act.

  • Joseph

    I suspect that someday she will look back on this with agonizing shame.

  • Lisa Julia

    It’s taking every fiber of my body to not judge her intentions. I am frankly and very honestly SICKENED and DISTURBED by what she has done, but my Faith teaches me that even the most hardened of hearts can and have been softened by God’s Divine Mercy and grace. I will keep Emily in my prayers regardless of how badly i want scream at her.

  • Shawna Marie Dziedziak

    Did anyone get that comment…she feels good about her decision, she feels in awe that she can make a baby and that she can make a life….um that translates to me as she feels good that she could end an awesome experience of life

    I am not buying it….so disconnected

  • erin

    I agree that she was seduced into this and is a victim, of sorts. But she is also the perpetrator, and I can’t help but think that carrying both ends of that stick brings double the damage. Praying for miracles of clarity and peace for her.

  • kmk1916

    It is striking to me that she calls herself ” lucky GIRL” twice as she is lying there, and seems to be humming a lullaby.

    Now I send him off to sleep

    I don’t know there’s a Lord who keeps

    My child has died before he wakes

    There just can’t be a soul to take

    I must live for other days

    Convince myself my self was saved.

    Praying for her, that she finds help, and ultimately finds our dear Lord, very soon. Lord, have mercy on us.

  • K. Cooper

    I’m on my fourth pregnancy, we had an ultra sound at 6 weeks and could see the heart beating…Earlier than that (say 5 weeks) you may see a baby or a sac, but not necessarily a heart beat.

  • Infinite Grace

    A transvaginal ultrasound is used early in pregnancy so that’s probably what she’s referring to. It’s also the procedure that prochoice people are fighting against allowing before an abortion because it’s “too invasive.”

  • Laura

    I’m going to give Emily a little more credit and say she knew what she was doing – she made a video to promote it – and she means what she said.
    I’m a sinner, too, and I hope God is merciful on us all.
    Emily is not a victim. She is a smart, calculating lady. She killed her baby.
    I hope she repents.

  • Victor

    So true ve6 when you say that this is a hellish nightmare that this very good looking young lady was seduced by some in our society and for that spiritual reality fact, all Christian not only need to send our whole-hearted spiritual assistance prayers to this woman who has lost a child of God but especially just as many prayers should be going to all society who don’t truly believe in GOD.

    Call me crazy but I truly believe that the reason that this world is having so many abortions and problems in our world nowadays is because people no longer seem to fear The Lord.

    I’m also starting to think that many societies honestly believe that Jesus is mostly but a Ferry tale Story of imaginary so called prophets, saint, and martyrs who have been put into a made UP book called The Bible.

    For many reasons and because of “Time” I will leave my comments left unknown as to why I’m starting to believe that Jesus is a LOT closer to US (usual sinners) and again call me crazier cause when I recall His Mother and another woman who were feeling sad for “Jesus” while He was on His way to being crucified, He told them in so many words that they should instead feel sorry for woman and their children of the future and I truly believe that He was thinking of all The Unborn Children that wo man would be aborting nowadays.
    Anchoress! Why not close by trying to scare some good people by suggesting that they read this post of Ashes From Burnt Roses and Purgatory.
    I hear YA! Victor there’s just no way to scare some human animals.
    REALLY? LOL :)
    God Bless Peace

  • Kay

    Isn’t it likely that she is mentally ill? She may sound like she knows what she is doing, but her actions contradicting her words……the detachment. I’m certainly no expert, but she doesn’t seem ‘right’ in the head.

  • Leticia Ochoa Adams

    “knowing” what an abortion is and KNOWING you are killing your baby are two different things.That is why the word “know” in English is so different than is Spanish. I really don’t get why people are so obsessed with English being the best of the languages, but I digress. (I also think that maybe I figured out a problem with another debate about “knowing”)

    I have a friend who “knew” what an abortion was based on everything she had heard. She never bothered to think about the legs, arms, or heart beat of the baby, just that she was “pregnant and needed to take care of it”. So she had an abortion. It was only AFTER the fact that she even began to *wonder* about the baby.

    One day, she saw a post on my wall and got angry. It was a post about abortion and she was pissed at me for posting it. After a lot of talking it turned out that she felt guilt for what she had done. But she never really “got” that this was a child until after the fact. Many months after it. You can’t assume to know what this girl does or doesn’t know, what she did or didn’t know. It’s not your job, or mine, to do so. God can judge her heart and He can save her if she allows Him to. PRAY for THAT and quit trying to do His job.

  • Theresa Bonopartis

    It is very sad on so many levels. Also that she is a “counselor” at the clinic. The sonogram comment is very telling..for someone who does not care, it would be what she saved first. Praying for her and all those out there suffering because of a past abortion.

    The issue of stigma is one they are trying hard to cobat because they do not understand where it is coming from or choose to continue to deny it, but it has not, nor will it ever work no matter how many videos etc are made.

    I pray we reach out to those suffering with the compassion of Christ and not only refer those women who are pregnant (Good counsel has a post abortion ministry as well) but those who have participated in abortion to the healing God longs to give them through HIs mercy.

  • Manny

    They had a “stigma busting video contest?” Evil can be so funny sometimes. Not only is this woman sick, they are all sick.

  • jusstjones

    Could #AbortionSelfie be a new trend in millennial narcissism? Real courage is choosing to give the baby a chance at a healthy happy life. I’d much rather see the
    courage of an #Adoptionselfie.

  • MarkJansen736

    Brilliant, insightful observation. I just watched the video with the sound off and focused on her face. You are absolutely right. Hers is the face of a woman mourning her baby.

  • CiceroTheLatest

    “Servant of God Dorothy Day, Pray for us Emily and for us.”

    You do realize that if Dorothy Day were around today, at a minimum, she would be promoting the “social justice” ideology that enables the culture of death?

    She was, in fact, a vile person, very much in the mold of persons like Nancy Pelosi or Kathleen Sibelius – professing Catholicism in order to undermine the teaching and moral authority of the Church.

    Of all people, I would never have expected you to so idolize one of the founders of the “Catholic Left.”

  • Jon

    What you do when you’re young and what you later come to believe can change drastically — Remember, Jane Roe (Norma McCorvey) became a leading abortion opponent after being the face of the Texas lawsuit that led the Supreme Court to legalize abortion nationwide.

  • fredx2

    It’s interesting that when “the system” has hold of women when they are young, they come to believe in abortion. When that same system releases those women and they become mothers and adult women, their minds change. That says a lot about how much we let “the system” do as it wants with young women.

  • Honordads

    Drown her newborn daughter, and she’s a criminal. End her unborn daughter on YouTube, and she’s a feminist icon. God help her, and the father that raised her (or didn’t)…

  • Mike55_Mahoney

    I don’t believe you. Don’t know this is a child one aborts? The lengths people will go to excuse themselves from themselves is to fabricate a psychobabble story and have the gall to publicly post it. We are not referencing a two year old.

  • fredx2

    She knew that she was making this video, she knew that the whole idea of it was to show people how wonderful abortion is. So, she put on a plastic smile during the procedure and she mouthed happy words. It was a put on, to a large degree.
    As to the way she looked in the “after” videos, I am not so sure. She could have been making them at the end of a long day.

  • votermom

    She found out she was pregnant in November according to her Cosmo essay.
    The vimeo video was posted in January.
    I don’t know when she had the abortion, but since she picked D&C over a pill so she could post a video, my assumption is that posting the video happened soon after the “procedure” (what a bloodless way to refer to deliberate killing).

  • dtrumpet

    Great read of body language which almost always tells us a lot more than words alone. I suspect that if people were much more attentive to a person’s body language they would be more aware about a variety of clues we all provide. Most of the most important words are never spoken.

  • dnb03

    I pushed myself to watch it twice, but some how missed the sonogram/fire part. Can someone tell me where it is? Also, while Emily may be a ‘victim,’ Satan can also wear a pretty face. Seduction has worked for centuries. She, and others like her, should be prayed for either way. It is our greatest weapon against evil.

  • Galt2100

    She doesn’t need to worry about what anyone else thinks; she has damned herself for all eternity, in her own mind, by murdering her own child.

  • Eleanor Dorst

    I don’t cast judgment, but, why or why if you are an abortion counselor and talk to other young women, why can’t you get birth control in New Jersey??..if you know how to make a baby, you should also know ways not to make one. Are you using birth control now?

  • Michael Bergsma

    The best thing that I am involved with in my community is being on the board of Hope House, our crisis pregnancy residence center. I am not near as effective at ministering to the women in the Home as the ladies on the board, but I give it my best.

  • MeanLizzie

    The sonogram remark is in the Cosmo article which I didn’t link to b/c it’s Cosmo. I think Kathy may have linked to it.

  • CS

    Thank you for trying not to judge her heart. It’s hard, but it’s our job as Christians to identify the sin and pray, pray, pray for the sinner, with love. LOVE is all.

  • ACM

    How can you say this? Dorothy Day helped the poor by living in solidairty with them. She deeply regretted her own abortion. Her cause for canonization is open! She is a patroness to advocate for us from above!

  • Don Meaker

    yet, there can be forgiveness, so ‘for all eternity’ is perhaps incorrect.

  • kmk1916

    It’s Theology of the Body 101. She can’t make her eyes lie. Even if contrived, why is she calling herself a “girl?” Why a lullaby?

    Elizabeth’s post is so spot-on.

  • Noah Doyle

    One wonders what the father thinks of this.

  • CRS

    If you watched the video, you saw two things: a baby died a horrible death, and she acknowledged that she “made a life” (her words), and justified it anyway. The only victim was her baby. She chose to kill her child with full knowledge and intent, and that makes her complicit and the primary culprit, regardless of the guilt we assume she felt afterwards. Do not place compassion where it doesn’t belong. Grieve for the child, who died violently and unbaptized.

  • Brooklynman

    yours was the most perceptive of all the comments I have read about this situation. You are so right: while her words say that this was a joyful experience, her face shows otherwise; it is a picture of a woman in mourning for a loss that can never be made up. At some level she knows this, and may one day become conscious of what she has lost and what she has done.
    Also, she may not realize what a slap in the face this is to every woman (and man) who would love to have a child and is not able to. But to be in that situation and to read this is heartbreaking in itself. I wish she had proudly said she would bring the child into the world and give him or her to a couple (could be a gay couple, right?) who would love to raise it.

  • votermom

    I tried to post a longer explanation of this but it didn’t post.
    I did some googling and it seems the Abortion Care Network were soliciting entries to their sitgma-busting video contest back in Oct 2013.
    My gut feeling, reading between the airy “on a whim” lines in her Cosmo essay, is that she deliberately got pregnant to enter an abortion video into that contest. (She got 2nd place)

  • expect_resistance

    I disagree with Kathy Schiffer and the author’s analysis of Emily Lett’s abortion video. Kathy Schiffer thinks Emily’s actions and words are weird. But it doesn’t matter what Kathy thinks because it’s not her experience, not her life. Emily trained as a doula which to me makes her actions seem very logical and not weird at all.

    Changing one’s hairstyle after an abortion doesn’t indicate depression. Women is their early twenties change their hairstyles all of the time. When I was that age I had a new hairstyle and color every month. One month purple hair the next month red.

    Emily doesn’t come across as someone in grief. I think the author is seeing what she wants to see and from her myopic viewpoint and perceives Emily as depressed and sad. The still photo posted from the video is just one second in the video and doesn’t represent the video in it’s entirety. It’s misleading. Also the author says about Emily that she has a ” pc-fed head ” when Emily has stated she hasn’t been politically active and made the video to destigmatize abortion and not for political purposes.

    I doubt Emily needs anyone’s prayers because she sounds like a smart, articulate women with a good head on her shoulders. She will probably go on to have children someday like many women who have abortions will later go on have children when they are ready and able to do so.

    I’m forwarding this video and posting it wherever I can. Emily let us get a glimpse of the reality of abortion which is not scary at all. Abortion is a medical procedure that is done all of the time. Women in the U.S. are fortunate to have access to abortion and not have to live under the thumb of misogynistic oppression.

    Bravo Emily, thanks for making the video and letting us share in your abortion experience.

    (The song from the video is Valerie June – “Workin’ Woman Blues”)

  • CiceroTheLatest

    You need to learn more about her life, and the damage she did to Christianity that will be generations in the undoing.

  • solotar

    Even the Kardashians don’t love publicity as much as this stone cold killer.

  • Lisa Julia

    she now has an IUD according to the Cosmo article…but she also states in the same article that if she were to get pregnant again while using the IUD that she’d have another abortion. I am having a very hard time feeling sympathy for her though i have been praying she wakes up at some point and realizes she took a life.

  • cececole

    News about her video is now being promoted as upcoming on our local Philadelphia evening newscasts.

  • Court Ney

    Most women don’t even know they are pregnant until they have a missed period, which puts them at 4 weeks. You aren’t going to test before then unless you have reason to believe you are. I had an ultrasound to date my last pregnancy (very much a wanted pregnancy, but he came a few months sooner, and since I was still nursing I had no idea how far along I was) I was about 7 weeks, and you could see a beating heart but the photos look like a white blip on a fuzzy out of focused background.

  • Beth Turner

    I think it’s about 7 weeks before you can see much of the baby. Before that, all you can see the yolk sac which nourishes the baby. It would also require a transvaginal ultrasound.

  • bearing

    Whatever you personally think of her, she bears the title Servant of God. And by the way, invoking the prayers of the beloved dead is very much not “idolizing” them; if it were it would be wrong even for uncontested saints.

  • jadzia

    VM, as always (and no, I’m not following you all over the Net!), I totally agree with your “gut feeling.” And now, my gut is feeling kind of sick.