A Christian in Exile: Letter to Mosul, Left Behind

The story of ISIS plowing through Mosul, where it has destroyed the shrines of both Christians and their peaceful Muslim neighbors and allowed the Christians to choose exile, subjugation, conversion or death, is a story that is haunting me, as you readers must have figured out. It haunts me because our government saw it coming and said nothing and did nothing. Even now, our leadership and much of the West is silent, and silence implies consent. Churches are destroyed, people are crucified, libraries and ancient manuscripts are put to flame.

And ISIS is not going to simply stop what it’s doing. Already the Christians in the Nineveh plains just a few miles from Mosul, have been cut off from water and electricity; ISIS should be rolling through at any time, now. Things will only get worse. As Mark Movsesian wrote last week in First Things, “ISIS has now shown that it is possible to reestablish the dhimma at the center of the Muslim world. Other Islamist groups will take notice.”

Indeed. This is not a blip that will burn itself out; what we are seeing in Iraq is only the beginning of what will become a world-consuming evil if it is not put down. And who will do that? Not the United States. Not Europe, although Rod Dreher notes that France is offering asylum to these refugees.

The story of the Islamic State advancing unopposed through Iraq is the story, right now, and enough attention is not being paid. This is the assassination of Ferdinand, on steroids.

While news coverage of the story is growing, it is still fairly bare stuff. It has not caught up with what I have gleaned through back channels. In my column at First Things, I found myself once more needing to write about ISIS and Iraq, but I didn’t wish to repeat myself, and with no new headlines, I turned instead to my imagination; I wondered, what might an Iraqi exile write to her neighbors in Mosul, the Muslims who mourned when they left, but spoke up at the risk to their own lives? I hope that is not presumptuous.

To be ripped from our neighborhood, the ancient land we have shared, so companionably for so long, is a tragedy that must transform each of us. I have been forever changed by the experience of being marched away at gunpoint, empty-handed, my past wrested from me. They gave me two choices, leave or die. And you, too, are changed for having to quietly watch me go, or die yourselves. It is not how old neighbors should part.

Why do they do this? Because they can. Because the “great men” and peace-prize-winning princes of the age will not stop them. Because they have been given uniforms and arms, and the sense of strength and prestige that goes with them, and these things are like a salve to their weakness, a balm to their spiritual wounds of inadequacy. Yet, I believe that somewhere deep inside they know this is all an illusion of might, a falsity that feeds their sickness.

Perhaps that is what makes them so dangerous. Give a security guard with a dejected soul a uniform and he begins to believe he is a police officer. Give weapons and a dubious cause to a people who have felt disrespected and thwarted in their creative ambitions, and they will quickly seek to affirm themselves with a demonstration of their new powers. Having felt like nobodies for too long, they must become somebodies, and this they do by dismantling the personhood of others, by obliterating their pasts.

And so they have pointed missiles at our shrines and holy places, and flattened them. They have confiscated our homes. They gave us no time to collect the treasured mementos or to pack the clothes and photos and spare cash that might sustain us. They killed our friends, so we would know we are only creatures. They forced us to leave with nothing but the clothes on our backs, not even water or medicine or passports or indentifying papers. In this way, they tore us from our past; permitted us no standing, no reflection of who we are.

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Deacon Greg Kandra has news about outreach, and ways to help, beyond these.


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  • Roughcoat

    Satan is winning. On all fronts.

  • MeanLizzie

    No, he’s not. He loses. That’s just the illusion people fall for.

  • Roughcoat

    He loses in the end, at the end of time. But in the interim he scores some significant victories. We are living in the interim.

    But he does lose in the end. So, we got that going for us. But for now, there’s a lot of hurt of going down. That hurt is no illusion. I feel it. I feel the pain. It’s real.

  • Gordis85

    I remember reading about a revelation that Scott Hahn said he had one day before the Blessed Sacrament.
    He said on that particular day he was tired and was feeling a great burden upon his shoulders. He said he asked the Lord, “How much longer?” He waited and prayed and then he says the Lord Jesus revealed this to him:
    “The Church will endure to the end, to the point of annihilation. In those final days, He will return.”

    Mr. Hahn then went on to explain that we must remain steadfast in the faith, praying and never losing hope. He said he was consoled by what was revealed to him that day.

    Are we living those final days? Not quite yet but we are getting there.

    When I think about what is currently happening, I remember what is written in the book of Revelation, The Martyrs whose robes were washed clean in the blood of the Lamb. (not quite the quote but as I understand it). Our brothers and sisters are those many Martyrs now and with thousands more to come.

    May we not forget and may we too, be prepared for the days that are coming!

    Let us remember to help those who can still be helped. To put aside our pettiness and self-importance. There is no more time for that…it won’t help anyone and it won’t get us anywhere, least of all heaven!

    Thank you Elizabeth for your love and concern for our neighbors in the Middle East!

    Rest, and be well and take care of yourself too!

  • Elijah fan

    “Frontline” on public television did a good history of this. Islamic State has many Sunni Iraqi men who were formerly the “Sons of Iraq” who the US paid millions to in order for them to help in the fight against Al Qaeda. The film showed US military people counting out hundreds of thousands of dollars to each Sunni leader in large meetings with a number of them. And they fought Al Qaeda who in phone calls to elsewhere admitted defeat at that time.. As we left, the current Shia leader stopped the funding of the “Sons of Iraq”, charged his Sunni vice president with some offense punishable with death ( he was spirited away by Sunnis to Turkey), and he replaced professional Sunni military commanders with non military Shia political supporters. And he killed Sunni protestors by controlling public Sunni demonstrations with real bullets instead of rubber bullets.
    Nor would he agree recently with Obama’s requirement for help…that he have a government that is partly Sunni…really. The “Sons of Iraq” who formerly helped US military against Al Qaeda for dollars are now getting paid by Islamic State. The Christians were better off under Hussein. And they were better off under Assad in Syria if IS wins there. And all through this we had Bush and Cheney who both avoided dangerous Vietnam service through slick maneuvers and then we had Obama who campaigned and won partly on the promise to get out of Iraq. We began with non warriors compensating subconsciously through real warriors for earlier slick moves. And we ended too abruptly by leaving Iraq prior to Sunnis having constitutional safeguards that mandated their place in Iraq. But the US voted Obama in partly wanting us out of there completely. Was there ever a person in those years who could have headed Iraq with fairness to all sectors? There did not seem to be anyone.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    I didn’t get a chance to comment on your previous on this subject before comments were closed, the one about the Obama administration doing nothing. This administration is more concerned that Hamas not get obliterated than Christians in Iraq get beheaded. I am really heartbroken as to what is happening in Iraq. Obama will be remembered as one of the weakest, gutless presidents in our history.

  • http://outsidetheautisticasylum.blogspot.com/ Theodore Seeber

    The ones who spoke up, are no longer able to read letters.