Can Finding Peace and Joy in Life Really Be This Simple?

Not easy, mind you, but simple? As in not overburdened with worldly reason and trendy thought; as in intuitive, rather than taught; as in off-the-grid, beyond the collective and as singular as you and I really are?

This is a pretty good argument that yeah, peace and joy may not be easy to find, but the method to attaining them is actually pretty simple. I think she’s correct.

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Again, and again, Saint Gregory of Nyssa proves true:
Only wonder leads to knowing.

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  • FrancisMonica

    That was great! Thanks! :)

  • boinkie

    I always wonder how many of these folks know people who are actually poor and live “off the grid”. Most of them seem to be elite yuppies, not Objibwe from Ponema, MaShona from Chilimanzi or Pinoys from Gapan…my patients could tell different stories.