How am I Actually Losing Weight for the First Time in Years?

This book.

This stupid book,, which I think I learned about from Instapundit.

eat bacon

Who knew?

Who knew that all I needed was permission to eat a sandwich for lunch, if I really wanted to? None of this crazy trying to live with 20 net carbs a day, nosireebob. Keep it to 50 grams of carbs or less per day, and the weight is just melting off. A Turkey and Tomato Sandwich for lunch, and I’m good to go.

No sense of deprivation. A big sense of wonder, and thankful praise.

Who knew?

This book.

This stupid book, I love.

But do you know what really, really is behind it all?

Making a general confession. On a retreat, I made a General Confession, of my whole life, and I quite literally felt an ages old weight lift from my chest. It left me finally able to deal with my weight. I love the book; buy the book. But confession. Really. A deep, thorough confession, and its attendant grace, was the impetus for my being able to not just love the book, but keep the discipline. Thanks be to God.

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