buy a nun a book day 2

September 17 is Buy a Nun a Book Day! – UPDATED

It started a few years ago, in honor of the great Benedictine Abbess, Hildegard of Bingen being named a Doctor of the Church.The thinking, apparently, went like this: Nuns and Sisters (especially missionaries) often don’t have the opportunity to choose a book for themselves. They have to rely o … [Read More...]

unravel shutterstock_6632740

The Great Unraveling: A Necessary Look at Reality

This morning, the New York Times published an exquisitely-written dose of reality via Roger Cohen. If "only Nixon could go to China" then perhaps only a NYT columnist could spell this out and thus permit us to credibly acknowledge that things are as grim as we have all known, in our guts:It was … [Read More...]

postmodern jukebox

All About the Bass, but With Elegance

Get this in your head as the work week ends. Well done, Kate Davis and Postmodern Jukebox.Check out her Facebook page. … [Read More...]

Feast in the House of Levi_Veronese

Dolan is Charged to Model Christ, Not the Pharisees

When Jesus rescued the adulterous woman from an angry mob intent on stoning her to death, he was very quiet about it. He wrote something on the ground -- perhaps the sins of the men with the stones? Words in which they might recognize themselves and their own sins and offenses?"But when they … [Read More...]

Nativity of the Theotokos

Mother of Completeness: Nativity of Mary

"Your birth, O Virgin Mother of God, proclaims joy to the whole world, for from you arose the glorious Sun of Justice, Christ our God; he freed us from the age-old curse and filled us with holiness; he destroyed death and gave us eternal life." - Antiphon for the Canticle of Zechariah, Morning … [Read More...]

sheen when we keep

Fulton Sheen Might Counsel Patience, Today

At the news, late yesterday, that the cause for sainthood for Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen had been suspended, there was some understandable confusion and sadness. Some predictable high-drama and Catholic angst got flung around the web, too, as it seemed like -- given the available information … [Read More...]


BREAKING: NY Archdiocese responds on Sheen – UPDATED

Cardinal Dolan's Office Responds to Suspension of Cause of Venerable Fulton J. Sheen:Minutes ago, Joseph Zwilling, Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of New York, released the following statement today on behalf of the archdiocese, in an attempt to clarify certain questions … [Read More...]


Organize the Arab World: Obama’s Sudden Ambition?

On his way to a Wales-hosted NATO summit, President Obama stopped into Estonia -- he took the scenic route -- and gave a press conference chock full of leadershipy ideas. One of them is that we -- meaning the world -- will apparently whittle down ISIS until it is a "manageable problem" (see: "New … [Read More...]

This is Kim Kardashian's job. Are we not entertained?

ISIS, Steve Sotloff, Kim Kardashian and the New Normal UPDATED

So, ISIS has beheaded a second US Journalist, and I am marveling at how much less attention is being paid to the grisly and unjust murder of Steven J. Sotloff.James Foley's murder shocked the nation, and in the midst of our insta-read-insta-forget culture of news absorption, his story survived … [Read More...]

Joni Mitchell smoking

Consigning Joni Mitchell to the Prayers of Dorothy Day

Very likely due to being ill for nearly four months, I'm in a bit of a work-and-spiritual funk just now. I've got the blues and am hauling out all the usual prescriptions to try to help myself along.I want to "snap out of it" because I know that I have no business feeling glum; my life is too … [Read More...]