Calling all you bloggers…

Here’s your mission…

Find me a single Catholic man 30-45.

I KNOW someone who reads this has to have a brother, cousin, friend, co-worker, sixth cousin twiced removed on their wife’s side… Not every man in my age group is married. I know this, I have to beleive this.

Spread the word… post this on your blog “Find the Cannonball a Man”. You can start pouring in your offers to solekat205 at yahoo dot com [as well as any questions you may have for me].

After being [secularly] divorced [receiving appropriate annulment] for 2 years this month, I decided [with counsel from my priest] that I was ready to start dating again [I am free to marry with in the catholic church and my status is “single”] & I am imploring everyone’s help.

Look at me, look how cute I am (I am the one not wearing a miter). Look how pious and devout I am standing there next to our Bishop… so obedient & faithful.

Funny, smart, orthodox , good housekeeper, lousy cook, and I love monthy python movies and sports. I am the whole package. Who wouldn’t want me as their loving loyal wife?

spread the word! help a fellow catholic out.

*all documentation about my “status” is availbale for those who wish to contact me at above address.

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  • ahhhh… a fresh clean house. moving on….

  • Rick Lugari

    What’s wrong with you, girl? You had a hot combox discussion going and nuked it all. Now I have to think of something inflammatory to say to get it going again…

  • I think there is still room for the “inflammatory” on my Harry Potter post above.

  • Rick Lugari

    Holy Cow, Batman! I’m not really interested in the Harry Potter Question, so I didn’t bother checking the comments. I had no idea there was a concurrent war raging on your blog. In light of that, it seems my opening exclamation might be cause for trouble. hmmmDisclaimer: I am not a Hindu, nor do I advocate Brahminism. I believe all the creeds of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. The above exclamation was merely a quote from a popular TV series that aired when I was a kid and was just meant to be a silly and meaningless exclamation on my part. Yes, I understand that it is further proof that the TV is Satan’s tabernacle and I should bury it upside down in the woods far far away from anything sacred. Just the same, I can use it to watch EWTN so I keep it around still. Yes, I know some people think EWTN is too conservative and schismatic and souldn’t be watched. Yes, I know some people think EWTN is the world’s largest outlet for the heresy of Modernism. Nevertheless, I payed good money for my TV so I’m going to keep it. Yes, I know that being attached to material goods is an impediment to salvation, and no I don’t think that I can do whatever I want and still go to Heaven. It would just be wasteful to throw it away, and uncharitable to corrupt someone else with it.;)

  • Wow, I’m sure glad I’m not inflammatory.

  • David- you are right. This is SO much more fun then trolling bars. LOL.

  • Dr. Eric

    “Funny, smart, orthodox , good housekeeper, lousy cook, and I love monthy python movies and sports. I am the whole package. Who wouldn’t want me as their loving loyal wife?”

    My brother is 31, smart, enjoys wry humor, a terrible house keeper, is a chef and owns his own restaurant, loves the Steelers, and could recite many a Python skit to you. 🙂

    It’s the orthodoxy thing where he is weak. But, I’m working on him.

  • Charanga Geo

    A good female catholic friend of mine had very good fortune to find a good Catholic husband on Catholic Match. W