fess up.

I have admitted on this blog that I loved the movie 40 Year Old Virgin and that I rented Knocked Up in the company of a minor. Which, by the way, is absolutely hifreakinlarious and a very sweet movie. I am also addicted to the HBO series Rome.

Not exactly practicing custody of the eyes.

When I post about my love of all things Potter it starts a huge com-box war with the Most Perfect Traditional Catholics Ever telling me I’ll be lured into witchcraft. I am sure some one out there will deduce from my love of adult humor that I am some how not 100% faithful to the magisterium.

My point is, we all have something we enjoy and we know we really shouldn’t… some TV show, a movie, trashy romance novels or type of music that has absolutely no redeeming value but you enjoy it none the less. Fr. Z likes the Sopranos, Terry likes the movie Serial Mom, I enjoy mindless low brow humor. Does that make me any less well read or intellegent for liking what I do or any else less of a good Catholic? No. I don’t think so.

So who wants to go first? What is your guilty pleasure?

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  • Techno music, and films.

  • I discovered HBO’s Big Love (with Bill Paxton, about a Mormon Polygamist) and have been catching up by ordering past episodes online.Previous guilty pleasures were Law and Order SVU and CSI but I got bored with those (perhaps the fact that they are on 5 times a day, every day. had something to do with it.)I also watch horror movies, because I am writing one, but I wouldn’t call that pleasure. More like forced research.

  • Anonymous

    Like Fr. Z it was the Sopranos. I need a new bad habit!Angela M.

  • Connie

    CC:I think the term “Good Catholic” needs defining. I have a hunch we all may have different definitions of what it means to be a “good Catholic” because we have all been taught different versions of Catholicism depending on the parish we attend…

  • Tim

    Motorhead and World of Warcraft.

  • Showtime’s Dexter. Reaper. And I LOVE Harry Potter (although actually, that shouldn’t be considered “guilty” because Rowling’s imagery is SO Catholic). Mel Brooks movies.

  • anon- I have a strict rule… if you are going to post a snarky personal attack (which I do not condone) you HAVE to sign the post.

  • Ok, I also enjoyed the Harry Potter books and I have devoured the 24 series in rentals. I am a poor sinner

  • Here here for Potter, – and Thom – I love techno music! I also love the Simpson’s and the guiltiest pleasure is Deperate Housewives – Terry Hatcher is pretty hot. Well, I’m off to confession.

  • I do have to say, I caught a few minutes of Family Guy and that might become my new guilty pleasure.It was the one where he dicovers his Irish roots and goes the Irish museum, with animatronic displays of a day in the life of… I LMAO, so to speak!Believe it or not, I have never seen this show before!

  • Heheheheh… Harry Potter. Books rather than films (but I watched those too)

  • Suzanne from Okla.

    SpongeBob Square Pants.Seriously.

  • yeah, I fess up and add Simpson, Family Guy and American Dad. I have also been known to laugh hysterically @ South Park episodes.

  • I forgot about Family Guy and American Dad! – LOL!

  • The MMORPG “Kingdom of Loathing”First person shooters (especially Unreal Tournament and Doom).Action movies.

  • Anonymous

    Count me in re: Sponge Bob!!!!!Also – the hottest band in the laaaand….KISS!!!!!Angela Messenger.

  • Tim – “world of warcraft”God have mercy on you! j/k, I just have a personal vendetta against that dreadful game.My naughty indulgences are death metal and black metal, which I know are CC’s favorites.

  • “Firefly”, Harry Potter movies and books, and the band Medaevil Baebes.

  • Oh, yeah, Harry Potter, too.

  • Oh, well, Big Love, Rome, Who Wants to be a Super Hero?

  • I’ll have to jump on the Harry Potter wagon, and start one for the computer game, Medieval: Total War. You even to get marry off your daughters and plant inquisitors!

  • Hey Paul,Did it strike you as odd that NONE of the contestants were even CLOSE to superhero material? Where did they hold the auditions, the Subway job fair?I mean… one of the superpowers was cleaning. Is the felonious Martha Stewart gonna be her arch nemesis?OK. Rant over, now that I’ve found the one other person in America who watched that show.

  • Monty Python.Mel Brooks.Metallica.

  • Simpsons and Rome here! Though I do close my eyes during the sex scenes and more bloody parts of Rome. Or look at the ceiling and sing “La la la, looking at the ceiling”

  • oh yes, one more:Blackadder!Looove Blackadder… “Blackadder: Baldrick, does it have to be this way? Our valued friendship ending with me cutting you up into strips and telling the prince that you walked over a very sharp cattle grid in an extremely heavy hat?”

  • Anonymous

    Dear Canonball,YES!!!! I’m sooooooooo glad you had the guts to write this. There are folks out there who will tell you that improper fractions are near occasions of sin!!! How silly! I LOVE Rome (the series), and was DELIGHTED when my brother gave me the DVD collection of the first season for Christmas. Sure there’s some nudity and boinkery, but an average healthy adult, seeing it in the context of that film, should be mature enough to understand and appreciate it. If he/she isn’t, then I’d have to reconsider the adjectives used above. Again, thanks for having the guts to show the good sense you have.Fr. Martin Farrell,op

  • We’re CATHOLICS here! Baptist prudery and puritanism are not supposed to be part of our culture. The world is good and we’re supposed to enjoy it … just not love it more than God.Me, I like Simpsons, Family Guy (aside from the occasional gross-out), King of the Hill, lots and lots of modern fantasy, including Dungeons and Dragons (people & polyhedrons far more than computer /online), Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, World of Warcraft, CSI (again AFTOGO), and I liked The 40-Year Old Virgin too! AND I like sweets, wines that are not dry, and instant hot chocolate made with coffee instead of water.I can sort-of enjoy Charmed, in spite of all the really goofy and wrong notions of heaven, hell, good, and evil (When Good is Ultra-Triumphant, all will cheerfully accept a complete lack of mercy!). The same goes for Angel.

  • Black Adder.