Orthodoxy…looking better everyday.

Still waiting for the quake that will rid us of California once and for all.

adding… interesting points made by the IR HERE.

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  • Did I convert for this?

  • EXACTLY!! Orthodoxy… looking better everyday. Hmmm. maybe I’ll change the post title.

  • If you do, go OCA.

  • CC,We need you.BTW–I posted big on this mess-go see. It makes me embarassed.

  • steve

    The OCA is just as messed up as the Catholic Church.www.ocanews.org

  • but not to the extent of jungle boogie liturgical dancers and drag queens receiving communion during the Divine Liturgy! We’ve talked about this before, the OCA’s issues pale in comparison to bile that is spewed from california.

  • steve

    I don’t know. They are both symptomatic of the same fundamental problem I think.

  • I don’t. I haven’t seen any example of the Divine Liturgy being hijacked for some ecumanical all inclusive liberal agenda.

  • steve

    Corrupt leadership is fine as long as it is limited to sexual and financial misdeeds?

  • Frankly, yes. There will always be corruption. I know it’s not perfect but sometimes the lesser of two evils has to suffice.

  • steve

    Really? So say you have a bishop who is squandering Church funds, protecting a fellow bishop who is a violent alcoholic, protecting predator priests, and punishing anyone who questions him, you wouldn’t care as long as you got a Mass or liturgy every Sunday that met your definition of reverent? Corruption is ok if it is hidden behind a veneer of reverence? Interesting.

  • why do those corruptions need to be reflected in the mass? Why denigrate the liturgy and punish the people for their leaders short comings? That’s all I’m saying, the rest were words put in my mouth.

  • steve

    What words did I put in your mouth? I asked “Corrupt leadership is fine as long as it is limited to sexual and financial misdeeds?”And you responded: “Frankly, yes. There will always be corruption.”What I’m asking is that if you would really be ok with your priest using your parish contribution to buy gifts for a lover or would you really be ok with your priest being involved in sexual misconduct if that priest said a reverent Latin (or NO) Mass? Do you not think that behavior denigrates the liturgy, if not overtly, then indirectly?

  • steve

    My example in the 1:42pm post is a real example (names withheld) and although the Liturgy might still look pretty, the faithful are being punished nonetheless.

  • then what, Steve? I am out of ideas and energy.

  • steve

    May I suggest the Mormons? just kidding.

  • oh you’d like that wouldn’t you. Then you could marry as many women as you want and have a couple dozen kids. ;-P

  • Good Grief!1–Everyone has moral problems, because we are all sinners2–I would go antiochene of Greek befor OCA, simply because the Patriarchate of Moscow wasn’t established as an Apostolic See, it’s a Deriviative See.3–At least the OCA and other Orthodox are not trying to set up a heretical Church, based on some wierd multi-culteral relativistic Gosple.4–CC, most guys don’t want to marry lots of women, it cost too much, you get too many bosses and all the kids make it virtually impossible to watch the Series!

  • Connie

    The Orthodox churches have leadership…the Roman Catholic Church does not. The Orthodox have leadership because they have strong men. The Roman Catholic Church has “men” who find “inspiration” in their hippy-kumbaya catechisms of the 1970s and would rather stand around holding hands like a bunch of sissies singing “We are the World.”

  • Did I just read a spat?If so, thank you, for I’ve never before read a spat.

  • LOL. Thom, oh we spat like that all the time. Keeps things interesting. ;-PWe disagree from time to time but still maintain mutual respect for our difference in opinions without any ill will. He’s great like that.

  • steve

    Connie, that is the one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read in awhile. I don’t know if you were trying to be witty or are stupid. The Orthodox are led by such strong men like the alcoholic bishop that beats on monks for fun. You have a warped view not only on the Catholic Church, but on manhood.

  • okaaay, Steve—alcoholic priest beating monks? What? Just for the record, heresy IS one of the worst sins that a person can commit! Even Pope Alexander VI, who is considered one of most morally bankrupt popes, wouldn’t have dreamed of messing with the Mass!And that’s the difference- by all means, no priest or bishop should be doing immoral things. But for God’s sake, if a priest or bishop has to experiment with theological or moral “derring-do,” then they should at least leave the Mass out of it!(By the way– I’m in California, and am pretty heavily invested in real estate here.. .so don’t wish for our destruction just yet!)