you ever notice…

… how stuff geared toward women in the Church is always so new agey? In the last issue of the local diocese paper there was an article about an ecumenical interfaith women’s prayer group. There was even a picture… complete with acoustic guitar. I cringed. Then I was slightly insulted.

Why do program directors assume we, as women, are incapable of having a cerebral spiritual experience? Just because I am female by gender does not mean I desire to express my faith by hand holding and bad hippy folk songs. Its condescending to suggest anything otherwise. To assume I am not intelligent enough to digest the meat and potatoes of the Catholic faith, but only desire to feel good about myself, infuriates me to no end. This endless appeal to emotions is so stereotypical it’s almost laughable… almost.

And can someone PLEASE explain to me what is the exact purpose of an ecumenical interfaith prayer group? Personally, I have no desire to pray with protestants. I would also suspect there to be some heavy diluting of Church teaching involved in these ecumenical experiments all in the name of camaraderie. To me it looks to be just another example of losing our Catholic identity for the sake of being PC.

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  • steve

    Out of curiosity…were any of the women in the picture under 55ish?

  • A Simple Sinner

    Eh… I have always wondered why “Lifetime: Television for Women” would more accurately be called “Lifetime: Television for women about other women who get beat up and die of women’s diseases and lose their adopted babies staring women who played famous TV sitcom moms from the 80s”In a word I think it is indulgent. In two words I think it is indulgent and dramatic. Nothing is as cool as being a Catholic into buddhist meditation who says Namaste! right? Or whatever…I don’t know any women under 55 who get into that drek.

  • Elizabeth Suaso

    I’m a woman of 22 (Ok, maybe young adult is still a better word considering the Simpsons bedsheets I have in my dorm [Belmont Abbey College! Yay!]) and I would rather fall down the nearest staircase (The one behind the monastery will do) than attend an iterfaith prayer service with lousy guitars and “good feelings.” Now, I have no problem with spontaneously praying with my protestant friends, I just hope they don’t mind if I leave off that extra bit which is added to the Our Father, and I hope they like the Hail Mary too. Why do this when it is so much more fun to buy out the Ignatius Press catalogue and discuss theology and spirituality over a nice cup of coffee?PS: I apologize my liberal use of parentheses and brackets.

  • The Crescat

    the woman playing the guitar looked to be in her 50′s.

  • Thom, SFO

    Well, Kat, you should be too busy cooking and cleaning to even attend those conferences.


    The staircase of which suaso speaks is a rather substantial one that cascades down a 38 degree incline on a 50 foot tall hill, so she must mean business….

  • The Ironic Catholic

    Well, I do think there is a place for ecumenical prayer. I’ve been in a couple recently that were very powerful, and reminded me of the power of Christ to break through our brokenness. Both were based on reading scripture together–a common ground, for the most part.I also play guitar, sometimes, in a wood shed out on the back 40 where no one could hear me.But I totally agree that “women’s spirituality” groups drive me batty, because its like we have no brains. Pulleese. Talk about one step forward, two steps back.

  • Elizabeth Suaso

    acegc, I don’t call them the “Exorcist Stairs” for nothin’!

  • Terry Nelson

    Applause, applause. Women have to realize they are indeed being insulted by the new age feminine spirituality.

  • Angela Messenger

    CC, come to my parish on Friday. The Legionaries of Christ are putting on a retreat for women. There will not be meat and potatoes but meat and MORE meat!

  • Mary Rose

    Wow…these comments are very enlightening and encouraging. (For someone who has been away for too long..)I agree with you, Carolina. It is insulting to me when there is this assumption that because I am woman, I must ascribe to silly ‘goddess’ gunk. It seems that “ecumenical” looks at acoustical guitar as being neutral ground, regarding worship. But watered-down worship isn’t my idea of worship. It has lost its power.

  • Sarah – Kala

    Amen to that! I’d take a dive down those stairs, too, even though I have never seen them!

  • Elizabeth Suaso

    Now you can see them, Journey of Truth! I took the liberty of documenting the copious amount of stairs my campus has, and this is only about 1/4 of them:

  • The Crescat

    I’ve taken a tumble down those back stairs to the shrine once. I insist on wearing heels everywhere so I pay the price.

  • Jane

    I enjoyed my experience praying with protestants. Of course, in my case, they happened to be protestants who liked chant so much that they were willing to rehearse five hours a week to sing Mass and Vespers with us just so they could sing the pretty music. Vespers chanted in Latin is definitely my idea of a good “interfaith prayer group meeting.”