Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria…

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  • Thom, SFO

    When did they start spaying the nobility?

  • Dymphna


  • The Crescat

    not really.

  • Elephantschild

    “Who needs hairspray? I’ve got this handy-dandy ruff to hold up my hair!”

  • Roman Sacristan

    Wouldn’t you love to see that style come back into vogue?!I keep thinking “pick a card, any card.”

  • The Crescat

    I’d wear it.

  • Hilary Jane Margaret White

    I always think that cartwheel ruffs make you look like St. John the Baptist after Herod’s dinner party. A sort of disembodied floating head look. But dig the duchess satin!

  • Hilary Jane Margaret White

    and if you’re sitting down to eat, you can’t actually see your dinner.

  • Hilary Jane Margaret White

    I’ve actually worn stuff like this and it really presents many practical problems, not the least of which is getting into and out of it. And just try getting into one of those tiny lav stalls they have in modern university buildings.