one scary (insert expletive) …

… in other words, he plans to make us a defenseless nation.

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  • Padre Steve

    No thanks Obama. I am hoping the rumor is true and I can vote for McCain/Palin!

  • Christine the Soccer Mom

    Hmmm…that ban will definitely stop those bad countries from developing nuclear weapons! Look, Iran stopped, right? And North Korea? Yes, I am sure it will work. Now excuse me while I hunt for the pink unicorns that live in the woods behind my property.

  • William

    So in 8 years, (or is it 10? that’s how long he seems to think he’ll be in office) he thinks he can successfully meet with all the nutty terrorist groups and get them to disarm, not to mention the hostile nations with nuclear weapons? If the APA weren’t conjoined at the head with the Democratic Party, he might be diagnosed as the delusional SOB he is.