priorites, people…

… I recently visited the parish I no longer regularly attend for this past Friday’s Holy Day of Obligation. I went to mass that morning before heading into work. Looking around at the congregation that morning I couldn’t help noticing how nice every one looked. It was the first time I was at this church and seen the entire congregation dressed in their Sunday’s best. Then I remembered it was Friday morning … they weren’t dressed for mass. They were dressed for work. Priorities being what they are.

However, here’s the thing. A few years back I probably would have rushed into work and quickly pounded out a blog post rife with heated righteous indignation condemning people who care more about their appearance for their employer than for God.

I guess I’m going soft in my old age. It only took me two days to saturate the blog-o-sphere with my indignation and outrage… only I’m not all that scandalized or indignant. Heck, I didn’t even mention the six Eucharistic minister for a congregation of maybe THIRTY people… oh, wait I just did. But I’m not indignant. Ok, so I rolled my eyes. That’s it I swear.

I’m working on re-prioritizing. I’m working on worrying less about other people’s perceived problems and short comings and spending more time fixing the myriad of mine own.

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  • Isn’t wisdom the best gift God can give? I figure He saved the best for last. Goodness knows I wouldn’t have appreciated wisdom when I was younger. I really loved this post. 🙂

  • We just took ourselves off to another church in our tri-church parish for the 6pm Sat. Mass. It is quiet (no choir – Father leads the entrance and exit songs). We got tired of leaving Mass with nothing but complaints and b__tching all the way home. Doesn’t make much sense.Serenity prayer gives us three choices. Accept, change it, or remove ourselves. We finally chose option 3…

  • Yes, I can not accept or change this parish. So I no longer attend except for rare circumstances. In this case, it was near work for the Holy Day obligation. Maybe since I don't go there anymore I no longer care about all the nonesense & kookbuggery that takes place. Or maybe there are more important things to worry about… or better yet, maybe I shouldn;t worry @ all and place all my trust in Christ. Either way, its mellowed me consinderably.

  • Cannonball,I don’t think you’re going “soft;” I think you’re acclimating to life in the Catholic Church–as it is practiced in 2008. I get a lot of comfort from Walker Percy who used to say that it’s much easier to read about an idealized Catholicism than it is to actually live it out as it is practiced in our boring towns and cities in 2008. Plenty of people read about it and adore it, but fewer people attain the maturity to cope with it by actually entering into it and living it.