what I’m listening to this very minute…

… my co-worker calling her house so she talk on her answering machine to her dogs… in baby talk.

“Whose a good doggy? Whose mommy’s wittle babies? You are! Yes are you!”

Photobucket I work with this woman.

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  • you have GOT to be kidding me…

  • unfortunately, NO.

  • “Who’s a wittle cwazy, who’s a wittle cwazy? Cwazy and pathetic? You are! Yes, you are! Now go and shut the *bleep* up so I can work without spewing over my desk!”Or, is a response like that to your co-worker too subtle?

  • Cannonball,I dare you to call her home telephone and bark into the answering machine.

  • What’s the big deal….I think she’s Hot!:)

  • Seriously though, at my wife’s office, their desk phones were all removed because one of her co-workers was constantly calling her house to speak at her dog. But at least it was Boxer – not a little white puff-ball dog!

  • Doesn't sound like this goofy co-worker is your boss's grand-daughter… whatever happened to her? Did she quit in frustration? Or get promoted by her grandpa? Nepotism, it's wonderful…P

  • the granddaughter hated it here and decided she's rather work at the mall… the clothing discounts & all. Donna… tempting, VERY tempting. 😉

  • Or maybe you can call and say something like this:”Hello. This is the publicist for Ellen DeGeneres. We’ve discovered the dog you have is actually Ellen’s, which was meant to replace the dog she got and then gave to someone else and then discovered the other folks couldn’t keep the dog…Anyway. After extensive DNA tests, we found the dog is Ellen’s. You’re to drop the dog pronto at an agreed-upon Starbuck’s tomorrow morning.Have a nice day.”(P.S. – this was my “humor break” from packing. Thanks for the strangely funny laugh.) 🙂

  • Haha…at least she’s in High Definition…Here’s how I talk to my dog: “Look here, dog, you go run around in the yard, get filthy, stink to high heaven, and appear to be mildly interested in me when I get home, got it?”Dog: ***clueless stare*** Me: “There’s a good pup.”

  • “Look here, dog, you go run around in the yard, get filthy, stink to high heaven, and appear to be mildly interested in me when I get home, got it?”I wonder how many wives have had this very same conversations with their husbands.

  • I think this woman should seek ordination in the Catholic Church.

  • oh my, I did not see the photo before. Perfect!”Just a couple of kittens, out on the town!” (sniff)That is one of my favorite episodes.

  • Isnt that a picture of one of the girls in “Bananarama”?Or was it “Bow Wow Wow.”

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  • I would second Susan’s remarks. My mother, who’s been an RN for 45 years, has told me several times about women she’s worked with who started out as Nurses Aides and became Nursing Directors and Nursing Educators over the years.Often times the Hospital will help pay for your education since they benefit from it first.Good Luck and I am so glad you have a sense of HUMOR.