…I’ve always thought it would be nice to be a hermit. I suspect I lack the endurance to live in a cave like the early Desert Fathers, but I could definitely live alone though. Some place cushy. With wi-fi and chocolate flavored coffee. Maybe I am confusing a hermit with a pampered recluse. Either way your alone and that’s OK by me.

Bellini, St. Jerome in the Desert.

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  • Sometimes I really do think we are twins separated at birth…I’ve always been happy to be alone. I love people, but yet I can easily get “peopled-out.” I definitely need solitude and have found it to be invaluable as a contemplative/artist type.When I lived in Charlotte, I rented a tiny cottage outside the city limits. (Mt. Holly) I mean, this cottage was miniscule. It looked like a doghouse. But it was set near a lake and surrounded by tall pine trees. It was my oasis from a very crazy world. So in my own way, I was a hermit. No traipsing around. When I went home, I pretty much stayed there and didn’t have a computer until years later.I basically prayed and read a lot.

  • Alone is good!

  • Would you allow visitors once in a while?

  • doughboy

    except that hermits were never really alone 'cuz they got reputaitons for being holy & so folks sought them out for their wisdom & direction.

  • damnit! I knew there was a catch.