I’m a triathlete …

…this morning I took home the gold in personal injury by succesfully burning off a clump of hair with the hair dryer, stabbing myself in the eye with a mascara pencil and burning my forehead with a flat iron. Yay me!

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  • There must be some patron saint for this sort of thing….

  • I hope this means you stayed home from work.

  • What else do you expect when you’ve already found the cure for cancer. It’s all down hill baby.

  • Same damn thing happened to Thom! LOL!

  • only Thom got entangled in his argyl sweater vest. OOoooo. Terry, you so bad!

  • I had that kind of day last Saturday. First I stabbed myself in the belly with an X-Acto knife while doing a wood-working project (fortunately there were sterile wipes and bandaids close at hand, as well as a trained EMT), then, while trying to tuck a plastic fork into a rubbermaid container that was just a hair too small for it, and filled with apple pie residue, the fork flipped up showering my face, hair, and glasses with said apple pie residue. It was certainly one of those days when idiocy was rampant. To paraphrase the Wiccan T-shirt (“the goddess is alive, and magic is afoot”):The Idiot Is Awake, and Clownage Is Afoot.

  • Dude, sorry about your trouble. On the upside, it made me giggle and I woke up grumpy so there is one positive.