news flash…

… Lindsay Lohan has thoughts. About Sarah Palin, I mean. Here’s the link, in case you really give a sh*t what Lindsay Lohan thinks.

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  • Owen

    Being that I don’t know who Lohan is and given the editorialized “sh*t” I guess I’ll happily skip the link. :)

  • Adrienne

    I saw that on Yahoo news last night and couldn’t believe my eyes. Who gives a rip what that ignorant little lesbian addict tart thinks. What have we come to in this country????(For anyone upset by my remarks listen up: I don’t “hate” Lindsey Lohen. I believe she is a child of God and is severely disturbed and in need of medical or spiritual attention. That being said, I am still not interested in one single thing she, her parents, her “girlfriend”, or her dog has to say!)

  • Nadja

    Owen, for your edification: Lindsay Lohan is an ignorant little lesbian addict tart. Thank you, Adrienne…I had no idea who she was either…!