so true…

… that saying “everything you ever needed to know you learned in kindergarten”.

The Boy has a girlfriend. Her name is Samantha. She doesn’t speak English. Sometimes he asks me how to say something in Spanish so he can go back to school the next day and tell his girlfriend.

I was teasing him about his girlfriend at dinner. He defended Samantha against my taunts by firmly declaring that she was the most perfect girl ever … she can’t talk to him.

There it is. Relationships summed up by a five year old.

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  • My dd in kindergarden had two very cute boys fighting over her. Pushing, shoving, hitting …She told them that she wouldn’t be either of their girlfriends.Why? “Because, if they’re hitting each other over me, they might think it’s okay to hit me.”Gave me pause. Then we signed her up for Tae Kwon Do.

  • And they say guys marry men like their mothers…..ha!

  • that’s relationships 101 for you…it’s quite right.

  • Smart cookies, your boy and dd….