spiritual slackers…

I blogged once about spiritual quitters; those who left the Church because Catholicism was too hard morally for them accept.

Today I am not sure which is worse. The quitters or the slackers.

The quitters at least didn’t hang around to insert their depravity into the Church. The slackers cling like a diseased limb spreading the illness of apathy.

Christ spoke harshly condemning the lukewarm of heart; contrarily, Christ showed empathy and compassion to the lost sheep.

Lord, Jesus Christ, only Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. A big fat lazy lukewarm sinner.

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  • Praying for you. And remember – recognizing one has a problem is halfway towards healing.

  • Time to whip out that ‘ol Serenity Prayer. Aceept it, change it, or remove yourself form it (whatever “it” may be)We’re working on removing ourselves from “it” !There will always be Catholics in Name Only. Always! Avoid them like the plague.

  • The slackers. Definitely the slackers.

  • The lukewarm… Yes, my bet is on the lukewarm. I am very lukewarm, I’ve got many things I could do, and yet I waffle…But, quiters can cause a lot of trouble with the “I used to be catholic…” and my favorite “Well, I was raised Catholic so …” What stinkers some can be!I’ve been both. And I just have to admit that I really need our Good God’s help every moment. I thank God also for all our brother’s and sister’s in Heaven who can pray for us here. I need all the help I can get. “Pray Hope and Don’t Worry.” Padre Pio. Sept. 23rd!

  • Very true, I didn’t believe at first, but then it was very clear to me that without Jesus’ help I can do very little to conquer my concupiscence.