the games children play…

… and the innocence of youth. I knew something was wrong when I saw one of my son’s friends anxiously running toward to me while my son, looking guilty, chased after him…

little boy: Thomas’s mom, Thomas keeps trying to cut off my head!

me: Tom, is this true? Are you trying to severe your friend’s head?

my son: We were just playing John the Baptist!

me: It’s not nice to decapitate your friends. Play nice!

my son: But mom, I WAS! HE got to be the martyr!!

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  • The Boy does have a point…

  • Catholicism affords a child such venues for imaginative play, wouldn’t you agree? My daughter has been burned at the stake as St. Joan by her 3 brothers…

  • I used to play being St. Joan.

  • 🙂 made my morning.

  • leo

    I love it!What a bright boy!

  • My kids were playing knights and squires in the backyard yesterday with sticks for swords – no beheadings, but I did learn from my 10 year old daughter yesterday that a cockroach can live for a month without head. This is one of the many questions I have for the Almighty when I meet him (hopefully) – why do cockroaches have such endurance? And why was “light consigned to so delicate an orb”?…According to William Peter Blatty in his book “Legion”, a severed head has the ability to see for about a minute after its removal from the body. I’m not sure how they tested that one.

  • Move to Utah. Then I due time we will ordain this boy. I have work for him!

  • Awesome!

  • I hope there was no neighborhood girl playing the part of Salome…

  • no, girls have cooties!