five bucks says it’s ‘kumbayah’…

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  • Giralamo Savonarola

    I’ll bet 10$

  • Angela Messenger

    I think it’s “Eagles Wings” with a twist!

  • The Crescat

    lol.. angela.

  • Mairin :o)

    I was thinking it was “The hills are alive with the sound of music…”

  • NCTradCatholic

    Nah. It’s “Sing a New Church…”

  • John from Pomeroy on the Palouse

    My 14-y-o daughter is taking pipe organ lessons. Just last week, she was given Kumbiyah to learn. Yuch… Her teacher is music director at an ELCA church with a round altar, a three-armed cross, and a labyrinth. Yet she plays more traditional religious music during their services then we do at ours. Lately our “music director” has been having health problems and sometimes has to be out of town on Sundays. So we all get to sing along with pre-programmed klavinova “music”. double yuch… Our daughter does a good job of playing music that is not accompanying singing (preludes, during communion, etc.) but is not yet comfortable playing and having people sing with her. Soon….John

  • Matt

    Maybe they are singing “dominica-nica-nica”

  • Brian Michael Page

    $20 says they’re singing “Sing a New Song” and are keeping the “Yahweh’s people dance for joy” verse intact despite the wishes of the Vatican.BMP

  • a thorn in the pew

    My fave during my school days was “And the Father will Dance”….as on the day of joy….He will exaltoveryouandrenewyoubyHis loveeeeeeee. Woohoo, praise Jesus!

  • Terry Nelson

    Nope. They are singin’ “Let it be.”

  • The Crescat

    if they are singing any Beatles it would “imagine”. That songs makes me inwardly cringe.