the world…

… thoughts of the world can make you anxious. The direction of the world is perilous. The world’s future seems hopeless. Dwelling in the world and on it’s problems will make you feel desperation. That is why we must strive to live a life detached from the world.

Do not feel hopelessness and despair at the world. Do not fear the ruin of nations or the loss of possessions. Welcome the chaos of the world with peace and calm embracing the only true source of stability, Christ.

Catholics whose hearts and minds are Christ centered fear not or suffer dread and impending doom. If you are already living each day as your last than what is there to fear?


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  • Owen

    A sound word.

  • Lyda

    Thank you for this!

  • Christine

    The world can be scary…Just remember…God is in control!

  • Adrienne

    Something we all need to hear – again and again!

  • Cathy_of_Alex