good moms don’t…

… feed their kids dinosaur shaped chicken for dinner 4 times a week. sigh.

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  • Lola

    A doctor friend of ours believes kids will eat anything in nuggest format.There are days when that is all my kiddos will eat. Nuggets.Enjoy the Boy and try a diffent shape next time. You won’t feel so guilty.

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    Hey, don’t be a hater! Dino Chicken rocks and I love it too!Now Easy Mac four times a wekk . . . well . . .

  • Roman Sacristan

    Geeze, I can’t believe I used to eat Chicken McNuggets like there was no tomorrow when I was a young cub. Gawd those things are aweful.Yeah, never do Easy Mac that many times. You have to use the “REAL” Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. LOL.And for variety, you can always do breaded chicken patties. The Boy will see that as more “man sized.”LOL.

  • Angela Messenger

    Think of it as teaching the Boy that science and religion don’t cancel each other out, that they are compatible. Michelle Duggar won’t agree with me but she does feed her kids Tater Tots.

  • Cathy

    CC,A moneysaver (maybe? Honestly, I don’t know what Dino Nuggets cost. Yet.) would be getting chicken patties, like Roman said, and using cookie cutters to make your own shapes. He could have Santa Nuggets on Christmas, Shamrock Nuggets of St. Pat’s…;)

  • The Crescat

    cathy, oh the humanity…

  • ignorant redneck

    Soon, all too soon, we’ll be able to buy or young ‘uns Obama Nuggets. They won’t be made of chicken however, just a common and currently underappriciated chicken by product.

  • Josephus Flavius

    Bah! As long as you mix up the dinosaur types a bit you’re good. Ketchup is a vegetable… no worries.