more on single issue voters…

… there has been some debate about the topic, mainly that single issues voters have a narrow skew on issues of importance.

Yes, people are poor and unemployed and war sucks. Guess what though, there will always be poor people, unemployed people and people fighting each other.

For a single man to claim his fruit looped Utopian empty promises of “hopenchange” can remedy this is just plain asinine and narcissistic. No man on earth has that power… Führer, your messianic complex is showing.

Pro-Life Voting

It amazes me that some people refuse to see the connection between abortion and the degeneration of human civilization. A man that holds no respect for the very basic and most vulnerable aspect of humanity, the infant, can not seriously be expected to have civilizations best social interests in mind. A beast of that nature can see no distinction between the unborn human and an ailing elderly one… or the handicapped one.

Obama is just that beast.

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  • truthfinder

    Checked out his site and agenda. Gives the “submit” button in the upper right-hand corner a whole NEW chilling meaning. As long as we have Our Lord, we are not “doomed”, but we may be martyred for our faith: in fact, I’m preparing for it.

  • Donna

    CC,I think studies show that most people are single or dual-issue voters. In this election, it was the economy. I bet if you interviewed 100 people, a goodly portion of them would come up with one such issue. As for using “single-issue voter” as a name, I would call those of us who voted for life _foundational-issue_ voters. The distinction is that foundational-issue voters seek justice before self-interests. Single-issue voters typically seek out self-interests.

  • The Crescat

    Donna- excellently put!