music as sad and stirring as the artist…

… Josef Hassid performing the Hebrew Melody, at the tender age of 16. Josef was a Polish violinist prodigy plagued by mental illness who died in 1950 at the age of 27, after having received a lobotomy for schizophrenia.

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A little something for Mary Rose.

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  • The Digital Hairshirt

    CC:Thank you for this. I have gone and purchased this for my music library. It is beautiful.

  • Mary Rose

    CC, I am touched that you posted this. As I listened to the mournful voice of the violin, for some reason I was reminded of the pogroms during the mid-1900′s where Jews were forced to leave their homes. The Nazi’s were behind much of it and encouraged the pogroms before the mass executions began. (the Holocaust)What I didn’t realize until I did a little digging, was that Josef was 16 years old when Germany invaded Poland. I can only imagine how this contributed to his mental illness. Now realizing this, the music plays as almost a requiem for the Jews who were about to lose their lives.It was a tragic time in history and this music reminds me of why we must never forget. Thank you for sharing this.

  • The Crescat

    Josef fell in love with a german girl who returned his affection however her parents did not approve because he was jewish and forced them apart. Shortly after that he was institionizalized for the first time. I actually would like to see a movie made of his life.

  • Mary Rose

    How sad….Yes, his music is hypnotic. I’d love to see a movie, too. It also sounds as though that girl’s parents were primed for Adolf’s diabolical plan.