today in “hopenchange”…

no hope at all and not a lot of change.

oooooo,that’s some creepy shit.

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  • Roman Sacristan

    Dang, that is creepy. How many little Obama youth corps is he going to have?The problem is that we Americans are lazy. Most people who wanted change don’t want to do anything more than go and vote. If it’s more than than, you can count a lot of people out. Otherwise, they’d have been doing something already.

  • The Crescat

    thank you, roman, for that silver lining. I completely forgot… you can always count on the laziness of liberals. he he.

  • Smiley

    I urge you Catholics to pray for Obama. Pray for his conversion, we are asked to love our enemies and wish good for them. It is time to fast and pray for his conversion. If it is God’s will he might yet be the best (holiest)president ever.

  • ignorant redneck

    Hmmmm—thousands of youth, shouldering rakes, gathering litter, cleaning lots, all in their polished jack boots and tie tie-dye fatigues… .