2009 Contest…

… In the spirit of the Ugliest Vestment Contest & the Catholic Kitsch Contest, I am taking your ideas into consideration for the next Crescat Contest.

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Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • If it is supposed to be in the tradition of the two previous contests, what about “Hideous liturgical abuse (with photographic proof) contest”?

  • How about the stupid things people say about/belive about catholics?But my money is on the ugliest church buildings.

  • wreck-novations

  • hmmm. Ugliest Church Buildings… I like.

  • Worst. Altar. Ever.

  • another good one, IR.

  • Stolen (borrowed) from Anglo-Catholic Ruminations (http://a-c-ruminations.blogspot.com/search?q=tabernacle), and the Terrible Tabernacle Contest (which I look at everytime I need a good laugh/cry/throwup a little in my mouth), I present:* Awful Altars* Sickening Stoles * Idiotic Albs* Terrible Tabernacles* Sorry Statues* Bad Banners* Chintzy Chalices* Hideous Hymns* Pathetic Papal Appearances* Monstrance Monstrosities* Bone-headed Bishops* Asinine Altar Cards* Looney Liturgies

  • oooo…. looniest liturgy. Excellent ideas, Buffalo.

  • Bad Nativity sets. I think I saw a clown one.

  • I second the bad nativity sets. (I’ve seen one with snow men!)Or how about a contest to see if people can tell the difference between some ugly modern churches and utilitarian public buildings and correctional institutions.