something more my speed…

… the girly indie pop didn’t go over well. Perhaps this is more up to speed.
*for those with tender sensibilities, I will caution you that this video contains expletives, sophomoric lyrics and bad taste. Now please enjoy the high quality animation.

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… for Owen.

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  • Roman Sacristan

    Dead Milkmen ROCK! This is the first song I ever heard by them back MANY moons ago. Total classic!

  • USMC 9971

    Wow, that takes me back! Beach Party Vietnam, The Thing That Only Eats Hippies, Takin’ Retards To The Zoo… They were such a fun group!

  • Mary Rose

    This was the perfect video to watch on a Friday night while I’m drinking cheap beer.

  • Diana

    Oh wow. What a hilarious blast from the past. Tony Orlando and Dawn. Love it.

  • ignorant redneck

    Well, the girly Indie chick was cute, but the Dead milkmen are classic.