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… have you ever had that feeling, at the end of particularly trying day, where you felt you just needed to be near the Lord? Today was one such day.

I arrived at church this evening with the intent to head to the chapel. I look forward to that quiet time. When I got there the chapel was locked. I proceeded to walk around to the front to try the other door. Once there, I looked in and saw that a bunch of women were having some sort of meeting. There appeared to be a lot clapping and award presenting. Naturally you can’t have people wanting to pray interfere with the self congratulatory pomposity.

So I turned around to head to the main part of the church only to be greeted by another group of people using the sanctuary to host their meeting.

What a thriving church, so many activities and groups to be a part of. A community to meet your every need… except the basic spiritual one of quiet contemplative prayer.

And so, this evening, my patience continued to be tried and my desires for the cloistered life seemed less unfounded. The world is noisy and clanging; unceasing and distracting, and I’ve never wanted more than to flee from it than at that particular moment.


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  • Peace and calm – I can understand that.But having read the life of St. Anthony of the Desert, his monastic life was hardly peaceful, rather it was constant warfare. But his was an exceptional experience.

  • I hope you have a better evening. I feel your pain today, woman.

  • I completely identify with what you experienced. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. And it’s awful because you want to serve love but you end up hating the world.If it helps, if you go to the right hand sidebar at this site, there is a link to Liturgy of the Hours and even compline for every night.

  • Most definitely feel your pain. I want to build a home altar for just that reason (though of course, I’d be missing the Eucharist) 🙁 but I’m having a hard time finding a good spot for it…

  • I hate it when groups use the church for their meetings. Isn’t that what the basement and the parish hall are for?

  • Cannonball,How about a retreat to here:

  • Our “faith community” has Reconciliation for one hour a week on a Saturday and sometimes a priest is even there. Other times I’ve walked the 40 minute walk to find the doors locked and no explanation or a funeral or a wedding in progress. With the Reconciliation room inside of the church proper it’s kinda hard to crash a wedding or a funeral and if I do will the priest be in there or presiding?Feelin’ your pain, sista

  • (((HUGS))) and prayers+

  • I can relate. A lot of parishes around me are too social and not very spiritual.

  • Oddly enough Kat…I could have said this myself lately. Married, 6 kids, job, kids sports, over-busy life. In the midst of all this, I had a dream awhile ago that I was entering a convent. I was locked behind the cloister bars, the veil was placed upon my head and I was wearing a full “traditional” habit, black I think…anyway – the part I remember the most clearly was with what utter JOY my soul said to myself “Ah! I NEVER have to look upon a non-consecrated soul again!” When the world seems too much – I go there again in spirit.