that one special ornament …

that one special ornament … December 20, 2008

… every one has one on their tree. This is mine. It’s my first ornament from my very first Christmas 33 years ago. It goes on first and it’s the last to be removed. It’s not the most beautiful ornament on the tree, that’s not the point is it, but it is the most loved.

What makes Christmas trees so special is the ornaments and the stories they tell. So consider this a “That One Special Ornament Meme”. The idea is to take a picture of that one special ornament and share its story.

I tag everyone whose blog has the letter “O” in the title or whose name (real or pseudonym) has the letter “O” in it!

Winnie the Pooh c. 1975

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  • I can’t wait to do this but first we have to dig out our ornaments (and our tree) Maybe today….

  • Sweeeeet!

  • Pooh Bear! I love that. I’ll do this meme – I have to take a photo first.

  • I’m in.

  • I don’t have a tree these days… so I did my memories of Christmas Ornaments!

  • I have an ornament from my first Christmas as well, but no ‘o’ in my real or blog name.

  • What a wonderful idea. I’ll post mine tomorrow (when I put the ornaments on the tree).

  • Thanks for the tag in my combox, but unfortunately I can’t do this meme. I don’t have any favorites…and can’t honestly say any of those I do have are special at all. Most are old bulbs that really need to be tossed. Someone else want “my” tag?

  • I saw this on Mulier Fortis- my first ornament is a glass santa from 1962 (year of birth) that is no longer recognizable as such as the colored paint has long since disappeared, but the silver paint underneath is still there. It was always the first ornament on my parents’ tree, and the first off. it passed to me when my parents, due to ill health, no longer put up a large tree.